Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lake Botos'

This weekend was a relaxing weekend UNTIL... Sunday evening... I decided to leave the house and BAM!!! We have a Botos' Lake in our backyard.... yep. See we have a water hydrant Y34 yard hydrant.
We noticed on Friday that it had a leak or a hole in the side of pole, so Botos dug around it and deep enough so it could replace it. Well, Jantz decided that he would play in the mud, so he turns on the water and of course water starts coming out of the side of the pipe... so he gets down in there and then HE decides to hang onto the handle and starts swinging while the water squirts up! While swinging it evventually becomes disconnected down at the bottome to the main line... as soon as he pops it off, he had water shooting straight up from the ground . So Cora runs to Dadday who is sitting in the living room & then comes Jantz... butt naked covered in mud telling Daddy there is a leak. OH... yeah a big leak!!! hahahaha But u see Botos didn't really know exactly what he was talking about until... get this... until he went to put him in the bath tub and turned on the water and realize there was NO WATER!!! Yep, then Botos was HOT... he needed some water poured on him... hahahaha.

So that is how we spent our Sunday evening... we did rig it long enough to have water to take baths... i think we all took baths & showers under 10 minutes. U just never know w/kids!!!!

Until next time... mamabotos!