Thursday, May 7, 2009


a CAMPER TRAILER!!! I know some of you are disappointed that it isn't a third little Botos'. But Botos & I just invested in a Camper Trailer and we are soooo excited... it is perfect for our little familia. We are actually heading out tomorrow, where? who knows!!!

Botos' advice on a 3rd little Botos is: "Not until these two can speak English and wipe their own booty & they still can't do that very well... which gets me out of the Baby Mode... ; ) Crazy Botos!!

Until next time... Mamabotos

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well, here it goes....

I had a road trip last Wednesday and boy was last Wednesday crazy (now that I am thinking, it might have been 2 wks ago). I was meeting Coach Harris so that we could go to Bridgeport for a Volleyball clinic. But right before we left we got word that UIL had cancelled all UIL events due to the Swine Flu.. Of course its right at Track Regionals and so we were bummed cause we had kids that could qualify for state!! But the good news on that is we are having track regionals in Odessa on May 19th & 20th; Softball plays May 18th.

Now back to my road trip w/Coach Harris. It rained, rained, rained, rained, did I mentioned it rained!!! So we made it to Wichita Falls, I was driving, so we are just toodling along, we began hydro-planing.... freaked us out, so I decided to slow down, ya think? Well, then we were just talking away and some where we missed the exit or I exited the wrong street... but next thing I knew we were heading to Jacksboro. So we turned around and fro some odd reason we ending back right where we were... heading to Jacksboro... the point is I was sooo turned around I couldn't even drive straight... does that make any sense, I don't make sense. Anyways.... we did make it to our destination. Clinic was good, short & sweet. But all the coaches were talking about this swine flu... what is all going to take place, what schools were shutting down, blah blah blah. We left, Coach Harris' turn to drive. It rained, rained, rained, & we did get to see an awesome Lightening show though. I was seeing spots after each lightening, Crazy!! Then we would receive calls from our husbands saying there is a tornado heading our way but we should be ok... we were like, okay! But on the way home we had to stop in Vernon to get dog food... your right we parked right up by the door... she went and got dog food and Me, my gimp self had to pee!! did help any w/all the rain... I had to go bad!!! The rain was just coming straight down, we did get somewhat wet but it wasn't too bad. So we are on the home stretch, of course driving the back road to Harris' house, she looks to the right and notices the ditch full of water... I then said well is where the road tends to flood or run over the road? I couldn't even finish the sentence and the road was covered w/water!!!! of course curse words were flying out of our mouths and we were flying all over the road, but we managed and made it thru.
Finally made it home.

As far as the Botos' kids, not much else they could tear up. We got our water hydrant fixed. Now our house is painted and fixed up from last year's storm. I think things are about down so I can plant a pretty little flower garden.

But I have a surprise!!! not going to tell you right now... patience my friends, patience.

Until next time... Mamabotos

Sunday, May 3, 2009

husband Rocks

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Thanks Charla