Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Week of 2011

First week went by sllooooooowwwww! Monday- I was glad to be back at school. For one to be back on a schedule & two: see all the kiddos and hear what they all got for Christmas. You know it always amazes me how when I ask one student what they got by the time I get to the last student they ALL got the same thing!!!! LOL

Tuesday & Wednesday were normal. Went to church on Wednesday... took 2 out of the 4 kids with me. I love Wednesday night services. To see all the young boys go up and lead singing, present us a lesson and to say prayers. I know my kids pay more attention on Wednesday services... maybe we should have them do a Sunday lesson? Nah, but my kids look up to them and want to know when they can do that. Answer: 'Someday.'

Thursday, wacky day! Made it through...worked JH games. Always fun to watch the first game back after the Christmas break. Those poor kids did nothing over the break! So dead tired. But I also enjoy watching the teams and how much they have improved since the beginning of the season.

Friday---Went by fast....worked high school games. Again same as the J.H. teams... dead tired and improved. Varsity girls got their first District Win--Way to go Lady CAts!! Keep the W's filling the win column.

New Year's Resolution: Do you have one? or not? Well, we do. We, as Botos & I. For the last two years Botos has been telling me we need to work on our financial budget. Of course I agreed but we didn't stick to it or I didn't, he did. But this year is different. A wonderful friend (You know who you are!) has given us the insight of 'Dave Ramsey.' WOW WOW WOW. I am on board. Its amazing stuff, let me tell ya. He (Dave) takes the words right out of my mouth, every time we sit down to watch a lesson. The great thing about all this is 'WE' (Botos & I) communicate to each other. In the past it was, hey what do you have this week? or game? good day? yeah? going to bed? yes? good night? and we did it all over the again the next day. It became old and we knew it. So this whole "Dave Ramsey" deal is a blessing. Has opened our eyes to a whole new world. We have 'our time' where he & I sit down and discuss our finances and plus talk about upcoming events. The goal is to become debt free, do not use credit cards, borrow money, & save save save!

I have to admit something. I miss coaching! oh man, basketball season rolled around and hit me hard. But But...driving the bus route (making more money) and being home for my kiddos and has been the best thing for Botos & I. I am refreshed, getting sleep, helping kids w/projects, and just being home. Oh I miss the smell of a gym, watching girls improve, win, get along, & having fun. i will coach again some day but not any time soon. God knew what he was doing and he has a plan for me & us.

Of course i couldn't just sit at home. NO! I went and bought a 'TANNING SALON' and opened it up!!! hahaha but its great, get to see different people. Now that my mom & Kim are over here working...well...there is NEVER A DULL MOMENT!! We have fun!!!

Back to ol'Dave. Its tough, he has guidelines and steps for us to get done. Our brains our going 90 mph trying to think of how we are going to do it, but BAM! His next lesson tells us how. I think through this whole process we are going to have to have 'patience!' I have tons of that, but Botos ummm he is getting better. lol. More for him its a "Feel Good" feeling, knowing where every dollar is going and how much. So far we are doing really good. I will keep you posted. oh ohoh... another thing, is we have gotten the kids involved in it! They want to work and get paid and learn how to "save & give". Its funny what they will do now when we say, 'You will get paid?' and boom they are off! But they want it right then and there. The money in there hand. Kind of like us adults but they are learning they get paid weekly, not daily. So if anyone has a glass jar (pickle jar size, I know we should have tons of them!) we would love to take them off your hands to be used a piggy banks.

I have a feeling that this year will be a great, productive, awesome year for the Botos'. I hope it is for you and your families as well. Happy New Year!

Until next time...Mamabotos