Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dealing w/a Loss...

Today I lost my Granny, Evelene Moore (my dad's mother). She had been battling cancer (Lung Cancer) for a year and half. Then put in hospice the last 6 months.  My Granddad decided he that he would take care of her, which was so awesome. In the last year during the school year the kids and I would go eat supper w/the every Wednesday night.  But there are so many other precious memories I have of my Granny.  It is a sad day, a very sad day for us Grandkids & My dad, aunts, & uncles, even great-grandkids (Jayla, Addi, Aaron, Kennedy, Cora, Jantz plus many more.) I believe they will let Jayla out for the day of the funeral, which I am assuming it might be Wed.. But she has to be back that night. Whom is doing awesome, in rehab right now. don't be shocked if you see Amber or Justin in town, they are trading off every 3-4 days. God bless them! 

I know people lose someone that is close but this is really the only 2nd death on our side of the family in 29 years. Which we have been very fortunate & all healthy. As of matter of fact my Granny's mother is still leaving at the age of 95!!! She is known as "Fat Granny", just a name but her late husband was "Babe". Who knows... 

Granny... I love you so very much and I already miss you. But I know it must have been your time. With you knowing that you were alone and knowing that everyone was okay... Can't just say Grandad's house, it will always be Granny & Granddad's.  I know we will meet again someday in heaven. I cry tears of sorrow and joy right now.  I love you Granny!!! 

Until next time... mamabotos.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Howdy everyone! I am home today w/my kiddos... lovin' it! BUT I have to clean this house or at least straighten it up, ya know? No one is sick, just that our babysitter/mother-n-law is having to go to Amarillo for a check up on her heart and liver. She has done so well the last month, looks good (lost weight) and feels good. So thankful to have her. 

So right now Jantz and I are watching 'Diego'... eating donuts & drinking chocolate milk. I got up, got the kids dressed... u always have one that doesn't want to get dressed... ummm Cora... so then we went to pick up Aaron and Kennedy. First we dropped off Cora at Mrs. Angie's... I don't think she knows what to think of Cora Lee... hahaha I have a feeling that Cora likes to take charge as well... ; )  then we dropped Aaron off at the Big school (according to the little ones).... next was Kennedy to Kids Korner.  So Amanda... I do need a bus!!! ; ) 

Yesterday there were 6 of us coaches that had to attend our District Track meeting in Tulia...wasn't bad, short & sweet and off to eat we go. Sooo good... we ate at 'El Sarape'. Reasonable and GOOD... yes it is better than the El Camino!!! On the way back I get to listen to Coach Rhodes.... man he can tell some stories!!! Had us all rollin. hahaha I'm not sure what Coach Chisum thought of the trip. It was good up until we had to turn down Ave. I... of course Coach Wellborn is driving... and I made the mistake of telling him I had to PEE!!  Suddenly he stops in the middle of the road.. we are looking at each other like what the heck is he doing? He speaks up and says sorry Casey and turns like your going to the baseball field, we all know that is the roughest road in Childress County!!! You got it, went about 90 down that road all the way to the field house... of course coach K is laughing her butt off, Hard & Chisum hanging on the ol'poop handles and rhodes head is bouncing like a bobble head and I am trying to lift my butt off of the seat so I don't wet myself!!!  Then we hit the bigget bump, mini-sand dune there where all the boys park and urrrrr we STOP!! Here I was about to wet myself at the same time laughing my butt off!!! hahahaha All I have to say is Wellborn,,,, BEWARE... pay back will getcha son...when u at least expect it...

Until next time... Mommabotos