Friday, February 18, 2011


(From the article:

Best places for hiding money at home (Please don't come to my house and steal my stash.):

1. Underneath a safe.

A safe is an obvious place to hide money, so place something of lesser value in the safe so that a robber steals that and leaves the safe intact. Make a secret compartment underneath the safe in the floorboards, just in case. What robber will move a safe?

2. In the Refrigerator

There are a few companies that sell food items (containers and jars) with secret compartments. Just hope your robber isn't hungry.

3. Under the Refrigerator

Make a false bottom for the refrigerator by cutting out a thin sheet of opaque plastic and taping it (or magnetizing it) to the bottom of the fridge. You can line up the cash on the plastic and then place it under the fridge. (Be careful with this you don't want to hurt your back.)

4. Pens

A simple ball-point pen can be modified to fit one or two rolled-up bills. Also, place the pen in an area where people are not likely to utilize it, for instance, at the bottom of a drawer.

For added realism, CHEW ON THE PEN. Who wants to touch your nasty chew-toy?

Until Next time...Mamabotos