Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Because

Yes Babe this post is about you. I know I don't brag on you and you don't like the attention or maybe you do. Either way I would just like to say how much I love you and that you are an AMAZING husband, dad, friend, coach, & person!!! I found a video/song that pretty much says everything for me. So Botos, I love you!
click on the below link!!!


Until next time.... Mamabotos


I have had blogger's block. I know what I want to write down but then there is that issue if I will offend anyone or do I really want everyone to know. But as woman we must talk or express to someone and I think 90% of the time we want to express issues or feelings w/our husbands but we know in the back of our mind we won't get that reaction we would get from a girlfriend or another mom. Ya know! Is there such a thing as an AA-for Moms to vent and not feel bad about session? lol.

Lots of things have been happening. Jantz started Mrs. Angie's this week. Such a big boy! So I take him the first day. We walk in, he is excited, goes right in and starts playing w/cars. I thought, ummm this is going to be easy than Cora. So I try to get his picture w/Mrs. Angie and that wasn't going to happen. So I left. Well by the time I got to my car i heard a scream/cry/hollaring for Mama! So I just went ahead and got in the car. Come Sunday, I saw Mrs Angie and she was telling me she picked Jantz up to hold him. To Mrs. Angie's surprise... Jantz is a lot stronger than Cora and had kicked her repeatedly! I feel so bad... he left bruises on her knees... Mrs. Angie I am terribly sorry I will have a talk w/his Daddy. lol.

another Thing w/Jantz is I believe are going to start calling him Ryker. Too many kids names are close to Jantz or Janyson (which everyone calls him) sooo Ryker or Rye... He answers to both. Its harder for me but Botos has already got him used to the name. Plus he likes it and he gave us the ok. lol.

Cora is a busy busy little girl. She attends Mrs. Carrol's twice a week as well as Mrs. Angie's twice a week. Come Thursday she is worn out. She has school from 8-12 & then 12-2:45 PLUS gymnastics from 5-6. But what is even scarier is she will in Kindergarten next year!!! wow how time flies.

This Friday Cora will be cheer leading before the football game at 6:30. I am so excited... so is she.... she gets to be on the track w/all the big cheerleaders!!! You know it won't be much longer and Cora actually will be down there cheering and Jantz/Ryker will be on the sideline as ball boy or probably giving his two cents in on the coaching side. I can see it now, he & Botos getting into on what play will work the best! lol

Until next time... Mamabotos