Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Well I just returned from Austin, Girls State Basketball Tournament. I went to watch the teams that did make and of course, to see ALL my coaching buddies. This year's trip was a Sister trip: Sarah & Amanda; Myself & Lori. OMG I don't think there was a dull moment unless we were sleeping... we went to bed laughing and woke up laughing.

Of course you can't put 4 women together and not expect any shopping to get done! So I wanted to see what Harry Hines Blvd. & Shopper's Alley was all about. WE only made it to Sam Moon's and the stores around it. OMG!!! So much stuff and not enough time. But honestly I didn't really find any good deals... I guess I need to go w/an experience shopper for all that stuff. I did find Cora Lee some hair bows, dress shoes, but that is about it. Purse's Galore!!! What I did find were some luggage, really cute luggage sets all three or four pieces under $100!!!! to me that is not bad.

But I have a chance to go back this weekend. Lori's roomie, Delauren is getting married and I am taking Miss Thing (Cora), as well as my parents & Seester Lori.

Now back to the Austin Trip. So Thursday we watch Basketball ALL day... so much fun and a lot of good games!!! One thing Sarah told Lori was, "Take a good look at your sister, cause once she starts talking to all her buddies, we won't see her again until bed time!" LOL... which is true, I have never met a stranger. As a matter of fact I did end up staying at the "Hang out" place to visit w/all my pals while all of the sisters when back to the games!!! lol.

This was an awesome trip, w/all sisters, especially w/mine!!! I love Lori/BB to death.

Botos' baseball season is underway and things going great!!! The field looks awesome, he has worked is butt of on that thing!!! Babe I am very proud of you and your season will be an awesome season.

Spring break is just right around the corner and I can't wait. i think the kids are ready too, they both woke up this morning not wanting to go but once I told them we all next week they were pretty excited. Not any big plans over the break, does a to do list count? I have plans to get my husband's "Man Room" cleaned out and decorated. Don't worry I will take before and after pictures.

Track Meet tomorrow, Big Wedding Saturday and project "Man Room". Not too bad of a schedule.