Thursday, November 3, 2011

PIctures say it all

Me & My Love

Me & the Boyz (love these guys)

Jantz & his Pumpkin

Cora & her pumpkin

Robin Hood (when you shoot another arrow into the end of another arrow)

Full picture of both arrows! (this like a hole in one!)

Cora and Minnie Mouse

Cora dressed up as a Kitty Cat this year

Until next time...Mamabotos

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November already!

October was full of football games, fun & more fun! Ended with Ghost, Goblins and Goodies!

Busy month for Football, Bobcats are doing well! Got a chance for play-offs!! I know the coaches have spend countless hours preparing these guys. I have enjoyed watching them play. Go Bobcats!

This month was also our annnual trip to Dallas to attend a Cowboys game & tailgate. It sure was nice to be around some friends, great friends. Its put together by 3 brothers and then they all invite their friends. One of the brothers is a chef and man, they can cook!!! It was awesome, but however, the sweet peppers got to this gal. I had such heartburn and indigestion!!hahaha I was up all night that night, oh man I am getting old!!! But they cooked sweet peppers by cutting the tops of them off, cleaning the inside, squeezing cream cheese inside and then placing the bacon over on the top, held together by a toothpick. OMG so good! I am glad I have a year to recover before next year!

Also this month, we held our Family Fun Night, this year TPO helped out with a Halloween Carnival. It was a huge hit. Had a great time to see the kids all dressed up in their costumes and hanging out with their families.

Then we had Halloween night, loved it all downtown!!! Great job and lots of candy, yes my kids did well!!! lol

But I experienced my first Migraine ever. It started Saturday morning. Finally Tuesday morning I called the Doc and was able to get in and get a shot and slept all day. I feel still weak but they say that it will do that to ya. I"m thankful that we have such wonderful doctors to get us in so quick! What a blessing! But man oh ma migrains are not fun!!! oh lord help!!!

Kids are doing great, Cora is loving first grade. Learning to read really wel. Jantz is tired of half day schools and ready to go to big school. lol Crazy kid. But they each carved their own pumpkins this year and did a great job. Now its time to put those decorations away and bring down Christmas. I enjoy Christmas, so I might just go ahead and put up the tree for two months this year... plus I gain an extra hour of sleep this weekend. I feel so rested during this time change.

Until next time...Mamabotos