Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday after thanksgiving

Well first of all I had a great Thanksgiving! We went to my parents and had family come in from Estelline. Love the Moore's, my Uncles & Aunts. Crazy, yes but full of love and will give you their shirt off their backs. So after eating, brought Cora home, she had a stomach bug. So I went to Wal~Mart to get an xbox for a co-worker. I causally Walk into the doors and noticed people in aisles behind yellow tape. I am thinking this is crazy, so I ask around for the xbox, ended up walking all the way around to the Christmas aisle over by the gardening section. I walk up and I am handed the LAST ticket to guarantee me of getting an xbox. OMG little did I know you had to have a ticket. But once you were in line you were not allowed to leave. You we given an 10 min potty pass. You had ten mins to go to the restroom and get back or your ticket went to the next person! Lol. I was stuck in the aisle with some awesome ladies and all we did was laugh and giggle the whole time.

Spent the next three days decorating the house for Christmas. I love this holiday!!! I enjoyed taking the kids to see Sant downtown. It was a little rainy but it cleared off and it was a perfect evening. Sate chili, popcorn & ice cream! afterwards we drove the park to check out the lights. We like to ride thru and pick a favorite and then we try to guess each others favorite.

Now onto Monday, woke with eyes matted shut. Never had this happen, got up took a shower and went to school got there and someone asked what's wrong with my eyes? They then said PINK EYE! So I went down to the nurse and not just one nurse said yes but both of them said yes! And not only do I have it in one eye.....but BOTH EYES! oh lord this day has been miserable. My peepers burn with they are open & closed. Ugh, burning itching mucus draining all day. I hope it goes away by morning b/c this chick needs to get to work! Lol.

So now onto watching the Sing Off! Until next time.... mama Otis