Tuesday, April 27, 2010


WOW WOW WOW!!! It doesn't even look like the same field where many of us all grew up on playing!!! I'm sure we have memories of that field of the teams you were on, what position you played, if you hit home runs or not. Not me, I was lucky to get on base. Of course when I played we played w/the boys (co-ed). One game in particular I remember is: I was playing left field, more like squatting and picking the grass and playing w/bugs in the ground. But, Amy Drinnon & I got on the bases. At one point, Amy got on third and she stole home and slid...yep skinner her whole leg up!!! So as she steals home, then I ran from 2nd to 3rd. So then the pitcher winds up to pitch the ball, he throws the ball, the catcher (not hind-catcher!!!) misses the ball (pass-ball); So then my coach says "GO!" I take off, I'm on my way...the whole time through my head I am thinking of what just happened to Amy!!! I get closer to home and next words from my coach, "Slide!!!" So I slide and the catcher lands on top of me!!! (Johnny Arnn, for those that remember him he was not a frail skinny boy). So now I am laying in the dirt...legs across home plate, skinned up leg, & the catcher on top of me squishing me. Finally I hear the umpire yell "SAFE!" Thank the Lord, I can breath now and get up and hopefully walk back to the dug-out. So, there we are, Amy & I, sitting and comparing who's leg looks the worst...luckily we didn't have to go back in the game...the coach felt bad. Plus there are many more memories to share but that is the first that comes to my mind. Also, No girls ever made the All-Star Team...ummm.

The next year, both Amy & My Dad's decided to add softball...think the lord!!! They built the softball that is still standing to this day. Yes it needs updated but there on so many memories on that field for a lot of young girls as well. I'm sure in time, girls, the softball will have a make-over done in the near future. Boys field gets re=renovated; Girls field gets a Make-over!!! Just thought that was funny. It took our parents to take time to build the softball to get us our own field & league; so parents it starts w/you; someone isn't going to do it for your daughters. It will happen but when? that is up to you!

Here is a link of the "Rock Field" renovation (if it doesn't show, click on the BLACK VIDEO CAMERA at the end of the title) that was aired on KVII News out of Amarillo as well as some pictures of the Opening Day Ceremonies. Pretty awesome that my little girl, Cora Lee, was standing out there on the NEW field....gives me chills.

Cora's Team: Benchwarmers

Cora waving when her name was called.

This Sign is like the icing on the cake, PERFECT!

All kids from every age division boys & girls.

Before all the kiddos...