Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love my stinkin' life... I think?

I will be honest, I have had a bad couple of days, WHY? Beats me, I wanna blame hormones, partially could be OR I hold things in and until I wanna explode and I just keep things in. Who knows!

BUT but, I felt blah all day. UNTIL... I had all four kids here at the house and I started cooking fried pickles! yummm... very good for the first time. After cooking, the kids and I made friendship bracelets...I let them make their oh the knots!!! lol Aaron had one with two necklaces taped together at the ends and WITH a plastic Texas Tech cup taped to it... looked like a pure white boy bling necklace... lol. Oh that boy!

Now my house is a wreck, friend pickles out, yarn for necklaces scattered on the table, candy wrappers every where... but all I see & hear is laughter and making memories. Oh oh oh... while making necklaces... Jantz says,'today I was watching Bubba Guppies and he farted and said 'Thats down for the count!'.... hahahaha out of no where.

So finally got the girls to take baths & the boys are pretending to be deers & made a fake deer feeder in the middle of the living. Shooting each other with nerf guns & bullets. The bullets stick their shirts so they know if it was a kill or not. Aaron is wearing a size 4T sweatshirt!!! The deer blind is hiding behind the ottoman in the corner (it has to be dark)... so we have no lights on but the TV which is on a baseball game ( TB vs. NYY). The girls are now the Does & the boys are the bucks, now they are coyotes & wild hogs!!! Do ya think we have hunting on the brain at our house!

Oh & Botos was not here, otherwise this probably would not have taken place... ; )

Great news on my grandmother. turned out she had a stroke, causing her to lose vision in her left eye. She had surgery today to try to remove the blood clot and the Doctors seem to think that maybe she will regain vision but no one knows for sure. Thanks for all the prayers, she is awesome!

and YES I love my stinkin' life!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos