Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Life at the Firework Stand.

A year of just sitting around. Love the smell of dirt!

Unload the fireworks and set up. Botos had to unload all of these boxes off of the truck by HIMSELF! What a man!

Days of sitting in the sun, our first pet... H-T!
H-T in his new Home. I don't think he likes it. That calls for bodyguards.
Meet Rex & Farrett.

U want to leave?! I don't think so Mr. H-T.

F-Man trying to calm things down.

F-Man just about lost his life. Ahhhh... Mr. H to the T is wanting F-Man to get his arm out of his face!
What's all this ruckus? Settle down, Settle down. (New neighbor, Madea.)
As you can see all these Animals ended up to be one of our favorite snacks. ANIMAL CRACKERS! LOL

So I end up w/a Blackeye! Where are my bodyguards?

Here we are Momma!

Until next time... Mamabotos.

Hard wood Floors, whew.

PROJECTS! The first week of summer for me consisted of removing carpet and refinishing hardwood floors. Since the storm a year ago, we had to pull carpet up in Cora’s room and noticed hardwood floors. Luckily it runs through out the entire house! So Botos and I were tired of staring at each other, so we jumped up and started pulling carpet. To our surprise the floor was in excellent condition. So I started pulling staples, staples, staples & more staples. He then began the sanding, started off w/the wrong kind of sander but thanks to Polo, he brought us one and the magic started working. Take a look at the pics to see the finish product.

Here we just pulled up the carpet.

Before pictures, this is what we found under our carpet.

Ohhh the carpet glue was the worst part & pulling staples.

SAND THE FLOOR! VACUUM w/great help. I do have to give the kids credit. They couldn’t walk on the floor or be in the room, they were always wanting to help, pull staples, vacuum, but if you have noticed, Miss Thing is wearing her swimsuit, yea, cause they would go outside and play in the sprinkler to cool off and come back to help. Love those kids!

VERY up close, so beautiful!