Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground hog day...

I remember watching the movie 'Groundhog Day" and that how dumb of a movie it was. It repeated itself over & over & over again. Kind of like how I feel today, when I repeat myself over & over & over again to my students, co-workers, my children and husband. I wonder if they ever listen the frist time then I would get so frustrated, just like the guy in the movie "Groundhog day". Today was our last Monday practice for basketball. We had our end of year tournament this weekend and went 1-1. We won our first game to our other feeder school that feeds into the same high school as we do. We trailed the whole game and came back with 2 minutes left and WON! I never called a time-out the entire game. I had faith in the girls they would pull it through on their own and they did. Working together and playing with heart & 100% effort will win you many ball games. Even though its a loss, sometimes you can handle a loss pretty well when your know as a coach and players know you gave it all. Way to go Lady Bulldogs! Saturday's game was a different story, we played a team that hasn't lost a game all year. Which it tough to do as well but they had a great team. At least we only got beat by 20 and not 40 like others did. After the game on Saturday, I took Cora shopping to Justice, her favorite store. She had J-buck cards she wanted to use that she had received at Christmas. She went with me to my game on Saturday and learned to keep the book. At the age of 9 and she knows how to keep book, most coaches don't know how to keep the books. She is always a joy to have on the bench with me. While sitting and learning its nice to see her smiling face and to listen to her plays and ideas for the game of basketball. I think its important and as a mother that I take time to listen to her questions in regards to the game, a bad call or why did that player do that? How was that a foul? the lists goes on. We got home from a good day of basketball and shopping. I tried to lay down and take a nap but surprise I couldn't. Botos didn't have a problem, he was out! slept until 7 or 8. I laid, played on my phone for a bit, close my eyes and then a kid would come in and Cora would show me a new hair do she did on a doll. The kids were good about letting us lie down and rest. After a week of being sick, my body needed to rest. Sunday was Superbowl with NE Patriots and Seattle Seahawks,,,, what a game! We went down to the RV ball room and watched the game with friends from the park. We popped popcorn for everyone. It was nice to get out and enjoy others company, cold drinks and eat some great food. Also Cora had a ball game and they defeated last year's first place team, both teams were undefeated, now the Roadrunners are the only undefeated team. She scored 2 point, so proud of her! Monday rolled around and it has been a long day. Both kids basketball practices got cancelled which were fine by me. I had a roast cooking in the crockpot ands so sides is all i cooked. Jantz completed his homework and read to me. he is becoming quite the reader. Cora is still having a hard time with fractions in math but who doesn't !! I still don't get fractions... lol. I'm so proud of my kiddos, they are growing up on me and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Well, talked to my parents today, always enjoy that. Even though things aren't going well at home, I just hope they know I miss them and love them dearly. My dad's dog Peedy died, he was well over 10 years old. Sad week at the Moore household. I wish we were closer to family but someday we will. Just hate being this far away when tough times arise. Until next time... mamabotos

Friday, January 2, 2015

January 1, 2015

Ok for real, I'm back. I will always discuss my happening from my previous day. So as of January 1st, 2015 we spent the day lying around the camper, watching football, a lot of football games. I think I left the house one time to go get a chocolate shake for us all. yummy! Previously we met up with some friends of ours here in the RV park at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football games. The 2 families have moved out to another campground in Castroville. We are staying put here at Blazing Star. We brought in the new year with our good friends Gut & Jaime Guthrie, their two boys Blake and Noah. The day started off with Botos & Gut cooking pork on the smoker. It was cold, I don't know how they stood outside the whole time to do it, I stayed inside! Kids ran around and back & forth from one camper to the other. Its always good to see kids playing and having fun. Jaime had to work all day but she is liking her new job, gets her out of the house and $$$$. We had a wonderful meal of pulled pork, cole slaw, hush puppies, rolls, i made spicy black eye peas, cabbage and regular black eye peas as well as a cherry dump cake. We sat around & had few drinks and watched NYE on TV. Afterwards, it sounded like a war zone outside due to the all the fireworks going off here in San Antonio, for 20 minutes straight the sky lit up like the 4th of July. It was beautiful! My car is in the shop due to a fender bender but it will only take two weeks. So that it is why we are down to one pick up, which is on its last leg. The main reason we came back a week early from visiting family in Childress. Still haven't cleaned or organized everyones clothes, maybe I will tomorrow when the sun is out. I can't get motivated with gloomy dark rainy weather. Christmas was great! We went up to Childress and stayed with my parents and hung out with my family and his mom. This year I decided to do get everyone together for Family pictures. The only pictures we have ever taken are for the Church directory. Everyone showed up, my side and on Botos' side. It was a beautiful day. I had Jackie Steed come out and do the pictures, my best friends mom. Huge Thank you ! After family pictures we all went back and ate BBQ at my parents. Justin & Tracy drove up after their honeymoon and we got to hear all about it. Its always nice to catch up and visit with Family. Kids had a great Christmas, got a lot clothes, toys, tech decks, make-up, etc. They were happy and thankful. I did make my mom a family calendar and also put together a family photo tree for her from the pictures we took. It was a booger but well worth it. Botos took my nephew Aaron out hunting and he shot is first deer, a doe! He was one happy little guy, growing up too too fast. Cora went with him, I believe she is good luck! Glad she likes hunting & the outdoors. Once again we were all able to meet up with Coach Shelby and all of us girls ate, drank and shared stories of younger days and what is going on with us today. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I'm fortunate to have such great friends and coach to meet up with.. Jennifer, Mandy, Cara, Lori, & myself, Coach Thel Shelby. Now we are back home in San Antonio and getting back in the groove of things, kids basketball games & practices. Cora has a scrimmage today, kind of a another gloomy day again, hopefully tomorrow will be warmer and sun will be shining. I also want to go to the RV show, Buck Saloon, & take the kids to the River walk to see the Christmas lights that are all up. one plus to this year is we have internet! after a year and half we have used the Free one here at the RV park & its been wishy washy but now the kids have their own accounts, they can text us and grandparents !!! Until next time... Mamabotos