Friday, September 25, 2009

Wonderful Evening

I had a wonderful evening. Nothing special happened except me spending time w/my kids. My little man met me at VB practice and then he & I went to the JV football game, Ryker & I sat in the end zone, just chillin. We played w/a bouncy ball, threw a car & of course wrestled. Then he soon left me to play w/the boys. I then went and got Cora from gymnastics. She walked out w/arms wide open to give me a hug! ahhh I love those hugs and big smiles when they are excited to see me. The young ladies that work w/Mrs. Kim were bragging on Cora on how well she is at the vault. Its always good to hear nice things about our kids, no matter how old they are. Can I get an AMEN! lol. I looked over at Cora and she was just grinning, saying Thank You!

So we head back to the game, ate nachos, Ryker had to go back for more cheese. Sure he will be constipated for a few days, but wait he is a man right? so he had to go as soon as we got home. While at home, I am going through the kids papers from pre-school that day. I saw Cora had a sheet for practicing printing the letter Cc. So I had asked her to sit down and practice. She then informed me that it WAS NOt homework and that she had already done this other crap at school and Mrs. Angie said it was not homework & she doesn't want it back. lol. I then convinced her that I had a surprise for her if she did just to practice her writing. Boy howdy, she went to work.

She got done. So I went to the car to get my sack from Wal-Mart earlier that day. I had to go get me some socks. I don't know where socks go but man, they can disappear real fast. Well, right next to the package socks I saw some really cute $1.50 socks, the tall tube socks... ummm so I grab a pair or two, and got Cora a pair. Though she might like it. So I get them out of the sack and at first she was excited until she put them on and they were too BIG! well.... that went out the window.... of course Ryker was wondering where his prize was. I did get him a prize but not really. I got him batteries, yes batteries. I know what you are all thinking... R U Serious... batteries! He was so stinkin excited, he grab those two package of batteries and ran to his room. Now his trains could run and he could hook up all the other trains together and he could sit there and watch it go round & round & round. Never heard from him till it was time for bed. He threw those little arms up in the air like he won the race! So I sat his in room w/him & Cora. We put together his train track, put batteries in other trucks that were dead. We had the everything up & running: firetruck, big train, & small trains!!!

It was great to sit down on the floor playing and watching the kids play. I felt at peace, no worries or no stress. Just sitting & relaxing. Its amazing how our kids make us feel like a kid again. Enjoy them when they are little.... the things they say or do will amaze you.

love you Cora & Ryker!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos