Sunday, June 14, 2009

2nd week of June and I haven't been able to leave Childress yet for a vacation. BUT... this week we, The Botos' will be heading north to Quartz Mountain.  A little R & R needed. The Kids and I have spent just about every afternoon at the pool. Cora is a greta swimmer, I don't hear much from her until its time to go and all I hear is "no I don't wanna go home, the sun is still out Momma." Jantz on the other hand is getter brave, he is jumping off of the wall and going under but comes up really fast. lol.  Botos has finished up w/summer baseball, thank goodness. You know it would be different if we had a kid playing, but we don't! BUT its a good thing for our kids to go ahead and be around it since they most likely will when they get older.  

Well, not much else to say except, BYE! 

Until next time... Mamabotos.