Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice storm Break!!!

WOW... what a crazy week & weekend!!! No school for 2 days, can't beat that but I am not so worried about making them up b/c I did enjoy ever minute of it w/my kiddos!! Speaking of my kids... they are getting big!!! Cora is still in the training process of sleeping in her own bed but she has been a great sport about it and is realizing we ALL get a better nights rest when we all sleep in our own beds. I can't believe how tall she is getting... and her language!!! It so funny to hear her talk. Things like: "You are getting on my nerves!" "I am starving!" "Feel my hair it is soo soft & beautiful." So crazy...

Over the break or No school days Jantz one day came in the living room bringing me Cora's black fingernail polish. I didn't think anything of it. He went on to play w/his trucks (monster jams) but only using one hand. Well, I had asked him to go put something away and he said, 'I can't I only have one hand!' I looked at him funny. Of course I went on not thinking anything about it. So then he starts play Air Hockey... against Botos. So then it caught Botos' attention. So I walk over there to Jantz and asked to see his hand... he suddenly said NO... and began to crouch down... I was able to pull his hand away & guess what? He painted his fingernails BLACK!! lol. He was so embarrassed!!! Then 2 days later... he finds a black sharpee, he puts black dots on his chest & belly!!! I guess he wants to be black... lol... I don't know. He is a funny little boy.

Here are some pictures of the ice storm I took around the neighborhood: