Friday, August 28, 2009

The first week of school is behind us now, had a good week, no complaints. It is kind of nice to be back on a routine, but I have a feeling next week will be tougher. Cora has school at 8 two days and Jantz starts his school at 8 on the other two days.... what a joy to get two kids up and dressed.... so what this all means is an earlier bed time!!!

Last night the Bobcats had a their first football game of the season. So Dad & I traveled w/four kids (whom everyone knows). I have to admit, I said I would never do that again due to our previous trip, BUT you never say never right? Well, we started our journey and they were all buckled in, in their own area. All had a pillow, a toy. Of course my two hadn't had a nap (planned it that way....) so I knew they were tired, well by Hedley they were OUT.... by then Dad & I could talk or he could talk and I listen. Love listening to my dad talk and tell stories.

We made it to the game, of course we sat on the front row and the concession stand was at least half a mile up! lol. Someone special was also coming to the game and that was my brother Josh & Luke, it was so much fun! And have to say all the kids were pretty good, I don't believe making kids and be still at a football game.... besides they have to be still in a car for 2 hours, at school all day.... they need to release energy!! I noticed the girls (Cora & kennedy) were entertained by the cheerleaders and Jantz was sitting wherever Aaron was sitting. Aaron is getting to the age where he is asking questions about the game, why did they do that? Why are they throwing those yellow things? What's the score? We are ahead right?

Everytime we play close to the city of Amarillo, we always get to see ex-Bobcat Players who now reside in Amarillo and bring their little ones to watch the Bobcats play. Heard many comments about the small number of guys standing on the sideline or how these kids now-a-days don't know how to compete or win? I was sitting there thinking.... ummmm that is crazy how people can see that just from one game. Couple of comments were even made that when they stopped letting kids play in the end zone of the home football games!!! U know when kids can play pick up games like that and learn to win or COMPETE is awesome, but as adults we tend to take those little things like that away from them. U always here, "Well We used to do this or do that?" Well, where did it stop? Who stopped it? and Why? But one things I would like to say is if you don't keep score these kids will never know how to handle a loss or celebrate a victory. Its not about 'everyone is a winner' NO, not everyone is a winner & NOT everyone is an athlete so don't push a kid that isn't or better yet don't live your dream through your kid(s).

Okay better get of my high horse about that subject. Looking forward to a great weekend. busy saturday of Vollebyall.

Until next time... Mamabotos

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day of School

WOW, what a great day it turned out to be. I honestly felt like I have never left school all summer. But man, when I walked into the school building this morning, seeing all the kids in their new clothes, bright smiles, lots of hugs... it turned out to be a great day! But what is crazy is to see how much all the kids have grown over the summer.... boys gotten taller, girls start maturing...... (hahaha) its just crazy. All the faces I remembered but the NAMES just couldn't come too today....

Boy do my feet hurt! You know in a classroom, you get to sit, but in a gym... forget about it.... then go and coach for after school practice.... man, feet were throbbing today. Even though next week Cora will start Sonshine School & Texan Pre-school (a busy little girl) & Jantz starts Sonshine school.... I will be sad, even though its for half a day, this time next year I will be in tears.... yes even though I will be in the same building its still hard.

Got home, cooked supper, then the Kids and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood after seeing Randy Allen & his boy out and about. Then it wasn't much longer we ran into Jared & Nicole Dill, then we all traveled down the road and found Russell Graves & his kids. So if you live the SE (SouthEast) it was bike riding night. Maybe we should start a Bike Riding Club, "Get your Rear in Gear!" What a great time to spend w/your kids plus exercise at the same time. Something to think about.

Okay folks goodnight.

Until Next time....Mamabotos