Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great WEekenD

Friday was a great day! Hot but great! Got Cora a book from Ronda Friend, "PU You Stink!" Ronda Friend is author of Books called "Down on Friendly Acres." She was really entertaining and so glad I was able to see her talk and act out her stories.

After school Friday, the kids and I went to Altus w/Botos to watch JV Bobcat Baseball play. Granted JV played their Varsity first and then their JV, their Varsity beat us 14-2. It was good for our sub teams to play every now and then. Whether they lose, they can still improve and get better at things they need to work on. On the way their both kids crashed. They slept for about 2 innings out in the car. No don't go call they were fine. But after-wards we ate and in the bathroom above the handle someone had wrote I <3 u. so on the way home, Jantz tells Cora that he loves her. He said it twice and Cora then said, "I know! Just like it said in the girls restroom!" I busted out laughing and Botos had no clue, until I told him. LOL Priceless moment.

Saturday--- Botos left to go to Clarendon to coach up the Bobcat Baseball teams. Kids & I stayed home. However, Botos did leave us some doughnuts w/our all of our favorites inside. On top of the box he wrote, "have a great day! love dad" awwwww. Well, after that we headed over to my sister's yard sale. She did good! But I was glad she didn't sell the furniture for Cora's room. I know everyone asked about it. Sorry their ladies.

Came home and started overhauling the house. First room Cora's! oh lord... i took out 3 bags of trash, 2 bags for yard sale. Took out furniture, moved some in. She now has drawers...its so nice now. Next room Jantz's. it wasn't that bad b/c I just cleaned out his room. But i had 2 bags of trash and 1 bag for yard sale. I did call my mom and asked if she could help me. I am so lucky to have a mom that can come and help clean and still teach me a few things. She took over the laundry and the kitchen. I took over the rest of the house. BUT WOW!!!! My house is cleaned, organized, and its open. What I mean by that is we don't have carpet in my house anymore!

That leads me to today, Sunday. We slept w/the windows opened and all ceiling fans on high. Both kids slept in their bed until who knows when b/c they both ended up in our bed. I got up and went to church. Felt great, why is church like running? Its so hard to get up and go but when you do, you feel so much better after-wards?! Came home and started in our room, the only room w/carpet!

So, here are Botos & I thinking we don't have to move any furniture out, we can pick it up and the other can pull the carpet from underneath, right? WRONG! out goes Botos' back. So we both ended up in the living room to recuperate and ended up watching a movie, SALT, and Botos fell asleep. I am sitting and said to myself, gotta get that carpet up!!! So i go in there, move out a dresser, a TV, and a chest. Not light by any means. I start cutting the carpet up in sections b/c there was no way I was gonna be able to move our bed!!!! So I cut around the bed in sections, after each section I would open up the bedroom window and throw out the carpet and padding. But the hard part was under our closet doors. that was a booger!!!

Then at the right time, my parents walk in and I put them to work! lol Dad then busted out the trim and mom and I pulled out staples. Underneath all that carpet lied good, GOOD hard wood floors! So now that is what lies out through out the house besides the bathroom. I was able to put back all furniture and now I need to go put sheets on and lay this tired body down! I could hardly move today, its a sure sign of getting old when your sore the next day from cleaning house!!! lol

Power hour was awesome! Came home, hubby had supper ready. I ate, then went for a run and its 9:00 o'clock. It has been an awesome weekend for me. I hope all of yours have been as well.

I ran 3 times last week, I hope to run everyday this week and lower my time a little bit. I am still running just 1 mile a day. But I was thinking maybe in the middle of the week I just try to run the Full of Bull route. ummmm we shall see.

Until next time...Mamabotos!