Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes I DID!!

I treated myself yesterday evening to a 3-hr day at the salon (I really hate staying there that long but man it was nice.) I think the last time I had nails was when I got married, which will be 6 years in June! I know it has been that long!!! I really just needed a pedicure, after being in the boot, (not longer in). It was like I went from station to station doing basketball camp but only I was getting pampered... pedicure... hands... & final stop my mother's chair... waxing!!! of the eyebrows... no NO Brazilian wax!

I got home and Cora was so jealous got she didn't get hers done... so maybe while we are camping this weekend I will do hers for her... she is all girl. It was such a nice evening that my family were sitting outside waiting on me

I go inside to start supper, Hamburger Helper, is my best friend!!! Then the door bell rang. I am thinking, Who rings our doorbell? Everyone I know just comes on in. Well, it was a woman representing the Kirby vacuum. Yeah yeah, you are all saying NO U DIDN'T CASEY! I did, but listen to how I did it!. I was cooking supper and told the lady that I wasn't going to watch the demonstration. She said that is fine, they were going to just vacuum the living room, which needed it really really bad. Why not, right? and I got a new vacuum belt for my old hand-me down Kirby vacuum... sweat deal... new belt & I got my floor vacuumed. Even though we are pulling up the carpet in a few weeks to do hard wood floors!!!! That poor guy said he wouldn't even have done it if he knew that!!!!! lol

Soooo Botos & I are just carrying on in the kitchen, cooking this wonderful meal. While some guy is in the living room, vacuuming away, answer questions from the kids. Botos & I were laughing so hard in the kitchen. I know that is wrong but I bet they don't come back... Kirby folks probably got irritated by the kids just like we get irritated w/them!!! Had a great day yesterday!

Also, we r going camping to Quartz Mountain this weekend! Look for pics coming soon & stories... No telling what all will take place!

Until next time... Mamabotos

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cora Lee Cora Lee

Weird day... not really just felt like saying that. Well, we attended Cora's gymnastics recital/program. Very cute... she, however, did not want to wear the bandana or the cowboy hat... she threw a fit, cried, cried UNTIL I took her outside and had a very close heart to heart talk. I did swat her leg and then afterwards I thought, dang it... now there is going to be a red hand print!! Don't call CPS on me... lets just say she finished the program. Of course acting like nothing happened... AND we recorded her crying cause I was not about to get her off the mat, I was just letting her cry (hard) finally my dad & Botos said go get her... ; ) She did receive a silver medal for attending gymnastics for 2 yrs!!! she has come along way. Very Proud of her... I love gymnastics myself but I got too tall.

Afterwards, Pappy & I took all 4 kids to DQ for ice cream. Its so funny to watch little ones to eat an ice cream cone... precious moments. I guess they are just like any other cousins. They want to see each other but once they get around each other they fight, scream, & scream, tattle ... well u all know.

We made it home and the kids wanted to ride bikes. So decided to fix up Jantz's bike. U see when we went camping, we took his bike. He hates his bike!!! b/c his wiggles, wobbles, and he does fall down. So we took Cora's training wheels off of her bike and put them on Jantz's bike. Well he still didn't like it.... can't please a man even when is 2!

Cora however wanted to learn to ride her little bike w/out training wheels. So we all gather in the front yard. She hops on her little bike and Botos starts to push her... well as soon as she takes off she turns her head to see if Botos still has his hand on, of course he doesn't. So she immediately slams on the brakes & the bike leans to the side... she falls. But her all of her falls have been graceful falls. However she did finally catch on but she still turned her head & everytime she did she would fall & & she didn't want to learn on the grass... only on the sidewalk... thank goodness for no major accidents. We ended the night by watching the storm, American Idol. We did manage to go to bed early, but while we were in bed we were watching GREASE 2. Its so corny... but I like it. Botos doesn't care for Musicals.

Until next time... Mamabotos

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1st Camping Trip:Copper Breaks

Ok, we had the best weekend ever on our first Camping trip to Copper Breaks. We arrived at our campsite, lot 15... perfect little spot. Had the restrooms/showers & playground right next to us. So we get out, unhook the trailer, set everything up, get the beds made & chill. Of course the kids were running all over the campground, ran straight to the playground and decided to slide. Botos & I just sat on the grass and watched our kids be kids. Cora climbing all over the hanging bars (monkey bars). Couldn't believe how quiet it was, cool weather, cooler than we thought but it didn't rain.

2 o'clock rolled around we were getting ready to head up to the Head quarters to go visit the Longhorns but while we were eating lunch, or wrapping up lunch. The kids decided to play in front of the door... Daddy Botos just told them to STOP and BOOM... there goes Jantz flying down the step of the front door... Botos goes to pick him, Cora is in shock, we don't know 4 sure what happened either he leaned up and the door wasn't fully shut OR Cora gave him a slight little shove. But when Botos handed me Jantz I felt blood, two spots on the back of his head, blood running down quickly... We did manage to stop the bleeding and get little man settled down to go visit the Longhorns (Camping Accident #1). Here is a very sweet pic of Daddy holding little man after the fall!

Okay, we make it to the Longhorns!!! U actual can kiss certain ones, of course I was the only brave one and thank god it did it caught on camera. ; ) but the kids did get to feed them. Take a look....

So after the Longhorns, we decided to go fishing, drive around the park, and just relax. Got back and Botos cooked us some awesome supper: BBQ Chicken, Corn on the Cob (on the grill) & potatoes & onion wrapped in aluminum foil. Soooo goood! then for desert we had ... SMORES!!! Thanks babe! While unpacking we only found 1 pull-up!!! (camping accident #2). So I decided to go to town, I know it but yes we had to make a trip to town for pull-ups!!! But it was worth it, sure didn't want our trailer to smell like pee... gross. So I go to get in the truck and the key is on!!! yes Botos left the key & we have no juice... Battery is dead!!! (Camping accident # 3). So he calls up to head quarters and leaves a message to have someone come and jump us. Good grief!

So the kids and I finally made it to town and back. We saw a bunny rabbit on the way out of the campground so while at the store the kids wanted to get carrots to feed bunnies. To finish up the night we sat around the campfire and just talked while the kids were telling us stories about who knows what. Then off to bed right! wrong... we go take showers and clean up. I come back and Botos is killing bugs left and right w/a towel... he is going crazy w/that thing. So we are swatting bugs, mosquitoes, anything. So I suggested he spray OFF all inside the camper... well... bad idea... cause as soon as we were lying down, we hear an alarm going off!!! Have no clue where the awful noise is coming from, here it is late, old people all around us sleeping and we have an alarm going off... so Botos is trying to listen for it or find out exactly where its at... FOUND IT... the carbon monoxide alarm!!! hahaha the OFF set if off!!! After that we finally settled down and went to sleep.

Woke up the next morning to a wonderful breakfast for Mother's Day... pancakes, bacon, & eggs. then we decided to go on a hiking on a small trail... the kids really enjoyed this even though we did go on the trail backwards.

I had a great time and our next trip is to College Station next weekend!!! yeah, last week go short and now we are going long!!! I have a student/player graduating from A&M next Saturday and they are tailgating at an RV lot... but a super duper nice RV lot... unfortunately we will be staying over across the street.. cheaper!

Until next time... Mamabotos