Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes I DID!!

I treated myself yesterday evening to a 3-hr day at the salon (I really hate staying there that long but man it was nice.) I think the last time I had nails was when I got married, which will be 6 years in June! I know it has been that long!!! I really just needed a pedicure, after being in the boot, (not longer in). It was like I went from station to station doing basketball camp but only I was getting pampered... pedicure... hands... & final stop my mother's chair... waxing!!! of the eyebrows... no NO Brazilian wax!

I got home and Cora was so jealous got she didn't get hers done... so maybe while we are camping this weekend I will do hers for her... she is all girl. It was such a nice evening that my family were sitting outside waiting on me

I go inside to start supper, Hamburger Helper, is my best friend!!! Then the door bell rang. I am thinking, Who rings our doorbell? Everyone I know just comes on in. Well, it was a woman representing the Kirby vacuum. Yeah yeah, you are all saying NO U DIDN'T CASEY! I did, but listen to how I did it!. I was cooking supper and told the lady that I wasn't going to watch the demonstration. She said that is fine, they were going to just vacuum the living room, which needed it really really bad. Why not, right? and I got a new vacuum belt for my old hand-me down Kirby vacuum... sweat deal... new belt & I got my floor vacuumed. Even though we are pulling up the carpet in a few weeks to do hard wood floors!!!! That poor guy said he wouldn't even have done it if he knew that!!!!! lol

Soooo Botos & I are just carrying on in the kitchen, cooking this wonderful meal. While some guy is in the living room, vacuuming away, answer questions from the kids. Botos & I were laughing so hard in the kitchen. I know that is wrong but I bet they don't come back... Kirby folks probably got irritated by the kids just like we get irritated w/them!!! Had a great day yesterday!

Also, we r going camping to Quartz Mountain this weekend! Look for pics coming soon & stories... No telling what all will take place!

Until next time... Mamabotos

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Kelly Bailey said...

Casey! I can't believe you did that! But, I guess you warned them you weren't buying. Have fun making camping memories.

Kelly Bailey