Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, its the weekend. I had a good report from the Doctor. Still restricted to 1/2 days of work. Slowly but surely trying to build my strength back up. I guess I can do that by doing a load of laundry here or there.... nah, better rest. lol. I will have to say, I can't stand the thought of seeing 'dust bunnies." I might have turned into a clean freak, we will see though... don't get your hopes up Botos!

When I left the house yesterday,it was weird. I had not driven a car in 2 weeks!!! Yeah... freaky! But I managed to make it to the Clinic. Thank you Dr. Green for putting up w/me & taking great care of me....

Just me & the kiddos today on this fine Saturday. Botos is in Lubbock at a baseball Convention, then off to watch Canadian play. Man time!!!! When do I get some Girl time, no being in the hospital doesn't count!!! nice try though.... guys.

Okay, all is well at the Botos household. We have gotten all the shopping done for the kids, just need to buy for niece & nephews.

Thank you all for the cards, phone calls, concerns & prayers. This past two weeks have been an eye opener for me. In ways to slow down, family is much more important than anything else. How much it affected my kids while me being gone has blown me away. Sunday when I got home, Cora was just eating everything in site! Botos then made the comment that she had not been eating... well she ate enough that night she ate herself to sleep. Plus she wouldn't go to sleep unless she knew I was asleep or lying next to her. Sweet little girl, missed her momma.

Everyone have a great weekend, I think the kids I are going to sneak over to Magnum to watch the Christmas Light parade!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Pneumonia fills the lung's alveoli with fluid, keeping oxygen from reaching the bloodstream. The alveolus on the left is normal, while the alveolus on the right is full of fluid from pneumonia.
Pneumonia fills the lung's alveoli with fluid, keeping oxygen from reaching the bloodstream. The alveolus on the left is normal, while the alveolus on the right is full of fluid from pneumonia.

People with infectious pneumonia often have a cough that produces greenish or yellow sputum and a high fever that may be accompanied by shaking chills. Shortness of breath is also common, as is pleuritic chest pain, a sharp or stabbing pain, either felt or worse during deep breaths or coughs. People with pneumonia may cough up blood, experience headaches, or develop sweaty and clammy skin. Other symptoms may include loss of appetite, fatigue, blueness of the skin, nausea, vomiting, and joint pains or muscle aches. Less common forms of pneumonia can cause a variety of other symptoms.


To diagnose pneumonia, health care providers rely on a patient's symptoms and findings from physical examination. Information from a chest X-ray, blood tests, and sputum cultures may also be helpful. The chest X-ray is typically used for diagnosis in hospitals and some clinics with X-ray facilities. However, in a community setting (general practice), pneumonia is usually diagnosed based on symptoms and physical examination alone. Diagnosing pneumonia can be difficult in some people, especially those who have other illnesses. Occasionally a chest CT scan or other tests may be needed to distinguish pneumonia from other illnesses.

WOW... so now I have time to look up what Pneumonia is, does and how it works. The above picture and description is so TRUE! Man I was a sick sick sick girl. I would like to thank CRMC and the nurses... I know I bothered them so much. I never saw the same nurse twice... does that say something.. ? lol and to Dr. Green... your the best!

Things that crossed my mind during my stay...

Why does the channel changer only go up! C'mon w/technology now days surely there are beds that can change the channel up & down; w/out having to go through ALL channels.

Childress needs a TACO BELL!!! craved it so much, watched so many commercials. What can I do to get one here?

Favorite commercial-- 'Oh, did I do that?' I got not cell phone, I'm just a pothole." lol.... made me giggle everytime.

Request not to put IV in the elbow area... everytime you bend your arm it would beep.

Request a lesson on how to work the monitor for the IV. So you don't have to call them every 5 minutes (bag empty, air bubble, etc)

FOOD- I know those cafeteria people hated me. I didn't have much of an appetite anyways but the minute they would bring in the food, I would cover my mouth and point to take it back out the door.... lol. Not kidding. Just the smell of it.... did not settle w/me. That happened everyday, 3 times a day. Finally, Apply jacks was the only thing I could eat.

Until next time... Mamabotos

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time Flies

Does time fly? You betcha. Christmas is here and a time to reflect on the things you have done this past year a long w/things that have happened. But man My kids have grown! Spending this week, which is almost over, thank goodness. I have seen them act and speak in ways that I am thinking, what!!! The old saying is the grow up right in front of you is so true. Cora is all into technology, computers, dvds, & wii. She talks so big and wants to be big so fast! But like she says, 'Mommy, I only pretending... duh."

Jantz, he is all boy.... BOY! Mammy asked him the other night what he wanted for Christmas, this is his reply, "Monster-Trans-Thomas-Truck-Formers-the Train!" lol. His little mind was going faster than his mouth.... then he gets frustrated cause he messed up trying to say it!!!! lol.

But the last two days has been great. They have been very helpful in making sure Mommy rests but then they get frustrated cause I can't chase them around the house or scare them. So we have been playing 'dice." Yes we roll dice, its very educational. It teaches them how to find the numbers that are the same, to count out loud the dots on the dice, etc. lol. Plus it will make a great stocking stuffer.

Today I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping. Boy did I sleep! I think I responded to a friends text that was sent at 8:30 in the morning around 5:30 in the evening. lol. At least I responded! My A.D.D. is kicking in for just a minute. Your around people that text 24-7 right? Ok, you text them, in kind of an emergency or to ask an important question and they won't reply back!!! What the heck? Or you won't hear from people all day then the minute you walk in your house.... your phone lights up like the 4th of July.... good grief. Ok, done w/that.

Thursday, not much other than the kids have school all day (Cora does, Jantzer 1/2 day). I haven't been outside but the kids tell me it has been cold. They both got snow/rain boots and Cora loves hers! Imagine that... they have fur on the top... so yes Botos was singing to her---Boots w/the Fur!.... I was just shaking my head. Gotta love Daddy & we all do.

Ok folks, exciting day tomorrow. Why? Just because.

Until next time... Mamabotos