Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, 8-8-09

Got up early to ride a bus to Amarillo, our first volleyball scrimmage of the season. Very pleased w/my JV team, hard working, scrappy, & very coachable. It was a long day but man it ended great.

I love it when I drive up in the drive-way and my kids are outside my car door before I can even put the car in park!! lol. screaming "Mommy's home, lets go swimming!" lol. And to feel those arms squeeze my legs so tight & asking me to me hold them... puts a HUGE smile on my face and all my worries are gone. its amazing how a day of stress & long hours in a hot gym can all go away w/the sound of my children's voice and the feel of those arms hugging me. So we went swimming, took along Aaron & kennedy; it so much fun to watch all four of the swim, going off the diving board, going down the slide together, on their bellies... and hear them laugh!!! it was so relaxing to see them enjoy themselves and have fun! Not a worry one! Love life....

Now I am home watching Cora dance to "Choo Choo Soul!" She is such a little dancer and loves now to learn the lyrics of songs on the radio, CMT, & Fuse... She loves to watch music videos and mock the singers, holding a microphone & their moves (dancing). I can't wait to put up a huge mirror up in her room, cause then we will never see that child! She loves to look at herself, watch her expressions, so darn cute!!!!! Just like her daddy, when it comes to looking in the mirrow. always needs to look good...

Well, my eyes are heavy and I am sooo ready for a shower and crawl into bed; wonder where I will sleep; in my bed or in Cora's bed w/her? ummmmm.... Jantz is already in bed w/his chocolate milk & watching Monster Jams. Here is a funny story about a conversation I recenlty had w/Jantz.

Jantzed asked me if I had a wee-wee... I giggled and said no, only boys do. His response, "Mommy you need to go get a wee-wee." I said, "Where should I go & get one?" Jantz replied, "U go to Wal-Mart and buys a wee-wee so you can pee-pee like meez." lol. I was laughing so hard, but he was so serious!!! Oh the conversations you have w/little boys....

Until next time... Mamabotos.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

1st week of 2-a-days almost over!23

This week has been fast & slow. Monday, I was fired up ready to go... got to see all the girls, asked how their summers were, full of hugs and 'hey's'. BUT that all changed by today, I am worn out, the girls are worn out and we have our first scrimmage on Saturday, Just looked at my calendar for this month and guess what? No more weekend are opened for me!!! I know those that work everyday all summer long, at least you have your weekends! lol.

Even though school is about to start I MISS my kids. Its so hard for them to adjust to not seeing during the school year to seeing me every day all day. I miss little folks. But I do love to see them when i get home and before I can open up my car door there they both are, screaming "lets go swimming!" of course they are ready to go & its so hard for me to say no!

Yesterday the kids & I plus BB drove up to Tulia to see my new nephew, Zach! Ohhh how cute they are when they are only days old!!! the kids also enjoyed playing w/Luke, the big brother, going to the park, playing in the sand box & then in a little pool sliding down a slide! At first Luke looked at my kids like they were crazy, but he sooned joyed in and had a blast!!! It was so fun to just relax and spend time w/my brother & nephews. Man, I sure do miss my brother. It is crazy how time gets away from us and we find excuses to go see each other. I am going to make a better effort to see & spend more time w/my brother. I love u Josh!

Well folks, my eyes are heavy and my body is tired. I am going to say goodnight!

Until next time... mamabotos.