Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello World

I know everyone has missed me!!! Yeah right... but just in case you have missed me, let me catch up to speed w/the Botos clan.

Baseball season has started and my husband, Botos, Head BAseball Coach, is someone I never see anymore. lol. Its good and bad... lol. But Man if you haven't made your way down to the field, it looks great BUT it will look even greater w/that Head Coach gets on there standing down 3rd baseline...!!! whoa... that field will be smoking HOT!!!

As for me, Basketball season is over BUT this week I leave to go to Austin to watch the Girls State Basketball Tournament. Its such an awesome time for me 1-because I get to watch good basketball and 2- I get to see all my coaching buddies. When I say ALL I mean ALL... I am just like Vern, I can not go somewhere and not know someone. But coaches have a coaches family, which is really awesome. They are like your best friend, you see them once a year and you can pick up right where you left off and be caught up again w/each others lives. Such a good time!

Kids, oh my gosh... they are growing up!!!! Cora is getting so big and she will be turning 5 in April!!! good grief time flies by. She is super excited about her 5th birthday party, will be at Jump-n-Jive Cora turns five!!! Jump-n-jive is a big indoor inflatables/bouncers.

As far as Jantz, well is he is still peeing everywhere and anywhere he wishes too and seems to still think Farting on me is the most hilarious thing to do!!! He still watches his Monster jams, Cars ka-chow!!! ; ) and loves playing w/his Thomas the Trains!!! Speaking of coming up also in April Thomas the Train will be visiting Lubbock Tx... So if your little one loves Thomas the Train as much as my little man, than Jump on board!!!

Today is Monday and the Bobcat Baseball Team has their 1st Home game tomorrow!! So come and support the Bobcats, check out the field, and that HOT Baseball coach that will be standing down 3rd baseline!!!! Whoa baby