Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This week...

I have been busy, tired, busy, tired, busy & tired!!! LOL Ok, Football has started up, very excited for Friday Night Football! Go CATS!!! We are in a tough district, but nothing a little Bobcat Football can't handle...super excited for the guys, coaches, & the fans.

Another I'm excited about is this year The Football Stadium celebrates 70 yrs of football!!! That Stadium is 70 years old!!! How awesome is that..such an unique stadium, tradition, everything about it is sweet. I hope there is a BIG BIG HUGE celebration for the stadium as well as all the players that played in the 70's!!! Now that would be cool... We need to start bringing back all the almuni for all the team sports...honor teams & coaches. 70, 80, 90, 2000. Next year 71, 81, 91, 2001...or 70-79; 80-89; 90-99; 2000-2009. (or increments of 5 years) Not just for Baseball but for all sports. I know Volleyball was here before Girls Basketball; wouldn't that be awesome to see those folks now!! I remember in college, my 2nd year, the Flying Queens Celebrated 50 years of Flying Queen Basketball; so we invited all ex-Flying Queens!!! You should have seen all the ex-players walking in onto the gym floor, just wrapping around & around & around!!! Such an awesome feeling. That is something I will never forget and maybe we should start that here so that these kids now can experience that awesome feeling to know how important is to be a CHILDRESS BOBCAT & LADY CAT!!!

Ok, also something else I would like to share is:................ I am the proud new owner of "Sunkissed Tanning Salon!" It is downtown where the "Neon Sun" was. So if you were wondering and wanting to verify the rumors, yes we bought and right now we are repainting, new flooring, lots of TLC...but I am super excited! never been a business woman but I have big plans. What all will we have in the store is: Tanning, 2 hair stations, clothing for summer as well as Cruises!!! Cause you all know we go on cruises in the fall, not me but others do; soooo that is what we have been doing downtown. Will be open year round, late hours, 5 beds & a surprise bed ; ). Now you are wondering how am I going to do this & teach. Easy: My mother in law will work during school hours and I will work after school hours. Since I am not Coaching, I feel like I need something to fill up my spare time; but most of my time will be with my kids. Cora starts Kindergarten!! ohhhh yes we will have a kids room for you moms, so you can bring your kids while you take a power nap (tanning)!!! Big Ideas lets just pray it works!!!

Also, School starts next week... Cora is starting Kindergarten!!! Can't believe she is old enough to be going to school. So proud of her, her teacher will be Mrs Churchill...aka Chloe's mom. hahaha This year the Elementary is getting a new gym floor due to a major water leak over the summer. Good & BAd but excited for the new floor...praying for a new look!!!

Ok, that is what I have been up to? What have you been up to?

Until next time Mamabotos