Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy Weather

Wow=weee all this snow and freezing cold weather has got to go!!! I have enjoyed the late start, but glad to be back to normal hours.

Cora is selling Girl Scout Cookies!!! She is so excited to be a Girl Scout!!!! She has her own little table set up at the shop downtown and she thinks all the money that people give her is hers to keep. ummm sorry honey, its not yours, even though she has had a few tip her for being so sweet. The girl knows how to work it already.

Jantz is glad that he hasn't had school this week, by his choice b/c there is snow on the ground and in his mind, you can't drive or get out when there is snow on the ground. However he went w/Nanna (Mother-in-law) yesterday to Amarillo to her doctor's appt. He said he had a great time. Well I wonder why? for one he got new shoes, a car track, and bubbles. Apparently he was a good boy. Then they went to eat at Red Lobster! Nanna loves Red Lobster and Jantz had: Ficken Chingers!!! lol I laughed so hard when they cam out of his mouth last night. We all do that at some point in our day.

Baseball season has started!!!! Had 2 beautiful days of practice and then winter hit. But thankfully spring is just around the corner according to Phil, the groundhog. super excited about this upcoming season but right now Basketball season is on a roll.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom's Who Think?

Calling ALL MOMS! I have found the best website for us mommies. Just a few of the things I enjoy about the website are its meal plans! YES YES YES... it has meal plans set for 8 meal a day. It is so easy and awesome! So there is no more worry about what you are going to cook during the week. Do your shopping on Sunday and it for all 5 meals it will cost ya less than $100. It does for me, may be different for you.

Topics that are available are:

* Home
* Food
o Food & Recipes
o Mama Shirleys Recipes
* Diet & Nutrition
* Your Health
* Pregnancy & Baby Names
o Pregnancy
o Baby Names
* Parenting
* Parties & Holidays

♦ More in Recipes
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Crock Pot Chicken
Healthy Beef Pot Roast
Healthy Winter Crisp

♦ More in Parenting
Children's Fever Basics
Cold and Flu Season
Teach Telling Time
Parent - Not Friend

♦ More in Diet & Nutrition
Lemonade Diet
Weight Loss Super Foods
Healthy Corn Chowder
Healthy Scalloped Potatoes

♦ More in Celebrations
Baby Shower Checklists
Baby Shower Appetizers
Kid's Birthday Cakes
Super Bowl Chili

♦ More in Health
Gallbladder Symptoms
Hypothyroidism Symptoms
Treating Perimenopause
Trying to Conceive

♦ More in Baby Names
Pregnancy & Baby Names
Powerful Baby Names
Baby Boy Names
Baby Girl Names
Labor and Birth


until next time... Mamabotos