Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom's Who Think?

Calling ALL MOMS! I have found the best website for us mommies. Just a few of the things I enjoy about the website are its meal plans! YES YES YES... it has meal plans set for 8 meal a day. It is so easy and awesome! So there is no more worry about what you are going to cook during the week. Do your shopping on Sunday and it for all 5 meals it will cost ya less than $100. It does for me, may be different for you.

Topics that are available are:

* Home
* Food
o Food & Recipes
o Mama Shirleys Recipes
* Diet & Nutrition
* Your Health
* Pregnancy & Baby Names
o Pregnancy
o Baby Names
* Parenting
* Parties & Holidays

♦ More in Recipes
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Crock Pot Chicken
Healthy Beef Pot Roast
Healthy Winter Crisp

♦ More in Parenting
Children's Fever Basics
Cold and Flu Season
Teach Telling Time
Parent - Not Friend

♦ More in Diet & Nutrition
Lemonade Diet
Weight Loss Super Foods
Healthy Corn Chowder
Healthy Scalloped Potatoes

♦ More in Celebrations
Baby Shower Checklists
Baby Shower Appetizers
Kid's Birthday Cakes
Super Bowl Chili

♦ More in Health
Gallbladder Symptoms
Hypothyroidism Symptoms
Treating Perimenopause
Trying to Conceive

♦ More in Baby Names
Pregnancy & Baby Names
Powerful Baby Names
Baby Boy Names
Baby Girl Names
Labor and Birth


until next time... Mamabotos

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