Monday, November 21, 2011


Well today was a bitter day. I went to school, got my first class under way and BAM! watched a ball hit the ceiling and land right on the laptop. Yep, it sure did. So I calmly went over and picked up and turned it into technology. Nothing more.

Finished my day at work, came home and started cleaning my house. Swept and mopped the living and dining room.

Went to pick up Jantz from gymnastics. Man his he getting tall! All his pants that was bought at the beginning of school are too short. Oh boy!

Came home and Botos had cooked some dove for supper. Some fried and some wrapped in bacon w/jalepeno Oh yummy!

Worked with Cora on her nightly reading words and she read her books to me. Poor thing is having a tough time with reading, sad thing is I know exactly how she feels. I hate it for her. But we will keep working and improving.

Now it's chill time. Baths have been given, Jantz went to spend the night with his Nanna. So that leaves Cora, Kennedy, Botos and I. The girls and I are watching Tinkerbell and Botos is watching some movie on his laptop folding clothes.

The rain today was awesome but man it was chilly. Which today Botos bought me a buddy heater to have in the deer blind. HECK YEA! it's on!

Well off to blow dry my hair so I won't freeze all night. Lol!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Sunday, November 20, 2011

new blog I am following

Just found a new, fun, cool blog! and she has this contest where you can win free stuff!