Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, I started my 1/2 day today. I only go in the afternoon & let me say I felt like a stranger... lol. Not having seen people in 2 weeks, seemed a lot longer than that. But it was nice to see those little elementary kiddos was awesome, all in shock... asking if I was ok... sharing hugs, all of them smiling.... it made my day.

the second best part of my day was when I was walking into the gym... or seeing the Lady Cats come into the gym. All running (some) over and walking and excited voices to shout that they were glad to see me! lol.... these are an awesome group of girls and they care... yes they have a heart... lol. It was nice to see them and be back around these young ladies.

3rd part of my best day... coming home to my kiddos... Jantz has this thing now he has to come out, open your car door for you. So no telling how long you are going to have to sit in the car, but he will come. Ohh Cora Lee.... she is getting so tall and pretty, & smart. She loves school!!! She is always teaching Jantz what she learned at school. Sometimes is cooperative and most of the time he isn't. lol.

4th best part of my day... spending some time w/ Botos. Its amazing how much we both needed it. Just to talk and hug.... loved it.

Okay, now I am watching my new show "The Sing-Off", loving loving loving it. I wish everyone a great day. Stay Warm!!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos