Saturday, December 4, 2010

1st Saturday of December

WOW... I got up... couldn't really sleep in due to the kiddos & Cora's new kitty!!! Yes, you read a few months back that her kitty 'Charlie' passed away. Well her Daddy surprised her today with a new kitty!!!! its a girl, calico color and her name has been...Diamond, Sprinkles, Sparkles, Kaly, Christmas Ball, .... & who knows what the new name will be tomorrow.

The kids & I headed to the Bobcat Den, so that I could work clock for games all day today. I am so glad that we host a tournament. I got to see a lot of great games, great teams, great coaching & some not so great coaching...hahaha. To me when a coach is more focused on the officiating then they have lost the true passion of coaching. Plus to see the team act like the coach...behaving so unsportsmans like! Anyhooo.....

After the tournament, headed out to help mom & dad unload their red trailer from limbs, leaves, & trash. Then I got in my car and to my surprise ALL 4 kiddos were in there!!! trying to hide & scare me.... little farts!!! come to my house and hang out. Cora was proud to show them her new kitty and they all played hard in the bedrooms and then we all sat down and watched "Evan Almighty!" Cora was yelling at the people to hurry up and get on the ark! & that they should have listened to the man in the white beard. Jantz & Aaron were giggling when the secretary said,"If that came out of your front, I'd hate to see what comes out your back!" lol....Kennedy wanted to know 'how come the animals didn't attack the bad people?' Cause there were snakes, lions, tigers, and they didn't bite anyone. But the best was... Aaron said, "Abraham Lincoln is the boss!" a.k.a. Evan! hahahaha

So after the movie, we at beef & chicken pot pies & then loaded up to go look at Christmas lights. So we got in the car, went & got Pappy and headed to the park. Before we got to the entrance of the park, 3 out of 4 kids were OUT!!!! noise, talking, screaming, trying to sing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"... complete silence. Of course Aaron was up chatting away. Dropped Pappy & 2 kids off and came home to unload my two kids and they have been crashed out on the couch & chair ever since. WHAT A DAY!

I can't believe hoe much the kids have grown up! They can all go to the potty, wipe & flush...dress back & forth between my house & Mammy & Pappy's (even when its cold & dark!) ...the games the make up to play...enjoying movies & games...knowing how to hunt...the difference between a doe & a so many things!!!! But I am so thankful I am in their lives daily to enjoy every moment with them.

Have a great day!

Until next time....Mamabotos

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting caught up...

Jantz hanging from the 'oh crap' handle in the back seat of the car!

Mom celebrating her Birthday!!!

Cora's First Day of School!!! Kindergarten, her teacher Mrs. Churchill

Cora ready for her first day of School!!!

New addition to our family... BEVO! 6 month old, solid white English Bulldog...registered. Th name came with him.... such a joy!

These are the deers I see on my bus route on the Vest Ranch.

This is how I want my hair colored!!!

Halloween Pumpkins from the 4-H in the Park.

Botos & Cora w/his first Doe he shot with his Bow.

Kennedy & Aaron @ Halloween.

Jantz at his Halloween Party @ Mrs. Angie's.

Cora's First Halloween Party in Kindergarten...

Jantz & I being silly

My first hunt, shot 2 does!!

My second hunt...8 point Buck!