Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting caught up...

Jantz hanging from the 'oh crap' handle in the back seat of the car!

Mom celebrating her Birthday!!!

Cora's First Day of School!!! Kindergarten, her teacher Mrs. Churchill

Cora ready for her first day of School!!!

New addition to our family... BEVO! 6 month old, solid white English Bulldog...registered. Th name came with him.... such a joy!

These are the deers I see on my bus route on the Vest Ranch.

This is how I want my hair colored!!!

Halloween Pumpkins from the 4-H in the Park.

Botos & Cora w/his first Doe he shot with his Bow.

Kennedy & Aaron @ Halloween.

Jantz at his Halloween Party @ Mrs. Angie's.

Cora's First Halloween Party in Kindergarten...

Jantz & I being silly

My first hunt, shot 2 does!!

My second hunt...8 point Buck!


Marci said...

Love the hair idea!! Wish mine would look like that? congrats on your hunting expeditions!!

Jenschke Family said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. You always make me smile!

MamaBotos said...

Thanks Kim!!! You are very welcome...