Monday, June 20, 2011

June 2011

So far the month of June has consisted of us kiddos going to the pool EVERYDAY! We love to swim, plus what better way to get your kids better at swimming. I know I spent many many hours at the pool. Just being a kid!

June 1st we spent the day in Amarillo at Chuckee Cheese's for my nephew's Birthday, Luke Joshua!!! He is such a hoot, love that boy. he is doing so well, he got his cast off and is now getting used to walking with out the cast but he is still going strong! Luaghing and giggling the whole way. Cora hit jack pot on a 'Spongebob"game... the manager even came over and said it was broken BUT some other kids were quick to tell him NO, that she just won big!! Then they (little girls) turned around and won!!! lol

After the party, our little family went and watched Kung Fu Panda 2. It was great! Kids were into it and so were Botos & I. Oh... nothing beats a big bucket of movie popcorn with BUTTER!!! Found out Jantz likes the butter too! hahahah

This past week the kids attended VBS at Calvary Baptist, loved it. Had a special moment... One night Jantz got out of the car carrying his money bag. I had told him to leave it in the car, his response was, "No Momma, there is a little girl who needs a new heart and I am gonna help her get a new heart!" Needless to say, I shut my mouth and gave him the biggest hug ever! by the way the little girl he was speaking of his Ryanne Self, daughter of Scott & Sarah Self, Scott was a classmate of mine.

Botos & I are "Spur of the moment" kind of home projects people. So we up and decided to paint our living room and dining room. We went from sage green to a "sand beach" in the living room and "light turquoise" in the dining room. So basically looks like a the sands of a beach & turquoise of the ocean water! WOW, what its amazing what a little paint can do, makes our rooms look bigger, cleaner, and homey. Even though I had to cover up all of Cora's art work, sad but truly needed to be done.

Botos & I played in a co-ed softball tournament this past Saturday. First game at 8, which was tough, ugh. BUT by the end of the day I had played 6 games, our team placed 2nd overall. Long, hot, windy, dirty day ended up at the pool! Yep, it was still 102 at 8 o'clock so we had to go jump in and start working on getting all this soreness out. I think I am more sore than Botos, but I did about 500 squats b/c I was catcher. I chose to squat than stand & bend over every time... next time I just might stand! lol Two hits I am most proud of his 1- Botos' grand slam to help win the game to go to the championship and 2 - my triple in the championship.

This week, the kids are attending our Church's VBS. No home projects, but at the business we are tearing down the awning. Also this summer the kids have been attending Summer Reading at our local public library. They have enjoyed it, plus it has helped Cora get used to reading for first grade.

This week also, I am gonna try to take the kids to the 'midnight' premiere of 'Cars 2' at the Sandel Drive-in at Clarendon. So, hopefully i can take them swimming, long nap, then off to Clarendon!!! I'll be sure to let you know how that goes! lol

Pics to come soon... Hope you have a wonderful day.

Until next time...Mamabotos