Friday, September 24, 2010

Botos & his Tree Suit...

Okay so I come home and this is what I come home too! My husband hiding in the yard in his Tree-Leaf Suit. Below is his thought process to scare me. Please Enjoy!

Botos talking:
Well just got my true timber 3-d leafy suit today in the mail, I am fired up, so much so I had to try it out. I am expecting the wife home in a few minutes, I thought (not to my better judgement), that I would see how well it works. We have a red oak surrounded by a few shrubs close to the entrance of our house, so I slip on the suit and grab my Primos Buck Roar call and snuggle up among the bush. About 5 minutes later here comes the wifey right up the sidewalk, and to my amazement she doesn't even give me a glance, so I wanted to slow her down and give me a good broadside shot, right, I give her a big roar.. well lets just say if she was a doe, she was gone, with a whole lot of wheezing (cussing)... it was great.. I dang near peed myself. she didn't think so.. I was trying to make everything right and explain why I was so excited... she replied (crap you not).... guess you will spend the night outside to see if the "no-see-um mesh works) !! HA... love my wife... I need to start videoing my hunts around the house.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, 9/20/10

Today was a great Monday! I know some people dread Monday's but to me it was a great day. For one, it was open day of "Sunkissed Tanning Salon!" Pictures of the shop to come...At first I was nervous...why? I don't know, just was...first time to run a business and wanted to make sure I said everything right, had the right paper work out,....just a lot of little things. But what made the shop was help from kiddos coming by in the evenings to see what we were doing and if they could help. Botos I knows appreciate their help. Pus they, the kids, can say ' I did that!" "Man, look what we did!" A feel of accomplishment and contribution to the shop.

I do appreciate those that came by and checked out the store. Means a lot. My kids were excited as well. But Jantz! OMG...he was s o funny....when a couple of people went into tan, he got scared for them! He hadn't seen the beds on or anyone actually getting one... He started crying for them! He thought they were going to turn black...LOL...they are trying to turn colors but not black!! LOL But once they came out, he had seen that they were ok...he felt much better. I think my lil' man has a soft heart!! Awww Sweet!!! Cora on the other hand was my lil worker! She wants to clean the beds, organize papers, sweep the floors... too bad she doesn't want to do that at home!! hahahaha

A few little things still need to be done: In need of an OPEN sign (if anyone knows of one, will buy, it can be used!) A sign...w/my logo...had people offer to pain one....a few of those old metal patio chairs...

I have great ideas for these chairs...soooo if if anyone has any they would like GIVE AWAY or I will buy them for a cheap price!!! I see them in people's back yards but don't know if I should just go ask if they want to get rid of them or not....

Anywhoooo I hope everyone has a great week... The Tanning Salon is OPEN, just call 937-8111 or come by 142 N Main St.... right next to Garibaldi's....nothing like getting to eat and get your tan on in two convenient locations.

Until Next time Mamabotos...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Weekend!

No Friday night football game last Friday. So what did I do...worked on my shop! I am so excited about opening it up and showing it off. Its got a summer beach theme to it. New painted walls. New Floor. I do have to say my hubby & I did all of the work. Even though He did most of the little petty stuff...electric, flooring, putting in insulation (yuk!)

What will be happening in the store? Tanning of course-4 beds! Plus Brenda Jackson will be doing Massages; in the future a Spray Tanning Booth!!! Plus I am looking into getting my license to spray tan as well. Items sold inside will be swimsuites, summer dresses, cruise clothes, beach bags, flip-flops, summer hats & tops! All of these things will come after the new year.

Who will run it? My mother0-in-law Vicky will be working during the day from 9-5 then I will work from 5-10. In the near future I will be taking part timers in to help, especially during baseball season but not for now.

This building is huge!!! in the back it as a kitchen; room to put a TV w/couches for the kiddos; even going to have a play room; full bath; washer/dryer hook ups; and in the far back empty space...brick room is what I like to call it...fix it up for the kids or like Botos says a Poker Room.

I never ever thought of myself running a business, but this is just another Chapter in my life. I am super duper excited and I hope you get a chance to come by and check it out. Even if you don't tan, come by and feel like your at the beach! Cause if you truly know me...I could live on the beach! lol


Until next time...Mamabotos