Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Weekend!

No Friday night football game last Friday. So what did I do...worked on my shop! I am so excited about opening it up and showing it off. Its got a summer beach theme to it. New painted walls. New Floor. I do have to say my hubby & I did all of the work. Even though He did most of the little petty stuff...electric, flooring, putting in insulation (yuk!)

What will be happening in the store? Tanning of course-4 beds! Plus Brenda Jackson will be doing Massages; in the future a Spray Tanning Booth!!! Plus I am looking into getting my license to spray tan as well. Items sold inside will be swimsuites, summer dresses, cruise clothes, beach bags, flip-flops, summer hats & tops! All of these things will come after the new year.

Who will run it? My mother0-in-law Vicky will be working during the day from 9-5 then I will work from 5-10. In the near future I will be taking part timers in to help, especially during baseball season but not for now.

This building is huge!!! in the back it as a kitchen; room to put a TV w/couches for the kiddos; even going to have a play room; full bath; washer/dryer hook ups; and in the far back empty space...brick room is what I like to call it...fix it up for the kids or like Botos says a Poker Room.

I never ever thought of myself running a business, but this is just another Chapter in my life. I am super duper excited and I hope you get a chance to come by and check it out. Even if you don't tan, come by and feel like your at the beach! Cause if you truly know me...I could live on the beach! lol


Until next time...Mamabotos

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