Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've been everywhere...

I've had a wonderful vacation. Not much into details, will let the pictures speak for themselves BUT I will share some stories.

We left Childress on a Thursday evening, loaded up and packed up. Myself, Botos, Jantz, Cora, Vicki (Mother-in-law) & Justin (Brother-in-law). First destination Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We drove all night to get our cabin. Made it to the cabin and the first thing we did was.....Zorbit Zydro RIDE!!! That's right! Botos, myself & Justin crawled inside a big bubble, filled w/a little bit of water and rolled down a big hill. So were are just sit'n sliding & laughing so loud! What a rush, but a blast!

Spent the whole next day riding go-karts, Vicki crashing into people causing wrecks, lol! Even had go-karts for the kiddos to drive, what joy to watch the kids drive and bump into each other, plus planning to block each other. Crazy driving kids.

3rd Day: Spend the day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Beautiful little town, here they host a Midnight 4th of July parade. To kick off the 4th w/a lighted floats. The Grand marshal this year was: Catherin Bach (Daisy Duke). She still looked the same, beautiful. Behind her was THE General Lee, Boss Hog in his Cadillac , cop car!

I am thankful went back to Tennessee. We found out about all this 4 years ago when we traveled up to New York and came back down to Grant, Alabama. We told ourselves we are gonna come back when Jantz's 5th birthday. Its like a mini-Branson!!! I encourage you folks to vacate when vacation. drive 15 hrs and go through other states, not just the state of Texas.

4th Day: Today is July 4th and we ended up in Clarksville, TN at Botos' cousin Trina's home. here our kids finally met some other cousins for the first time. They have a pool (yes my dream home) & everything you can imagine for kids. We spent the evening enjoying fireworks.

5th Day: Today our kids went out on the river to ride tube behind a boat! Freaking blast!!! See their faces light up and smiling, laughing, yelling 'go faster go faster!" Also, Botos & I tried wake boarding.... hard hard hard! Kuddos to Trina & Jaime for trying to help us out... had a lot of laughs & sore, oh my goodness we were sore for 3 days!!! lol

6th Day: Off to Indiana to Spring Mill Inn, State Forest. Beautiful, nice, & cool air. Stayed her for 2 nights. It is in Mitchell, IN where Botos went to high school. So we got to meet a lot of his friends and visit. It was great to see Botos' face light up to see some of his buds. True Friends, they are. Can't wait to go back in a couple of years for his 20th reunion!!!

8th day: headed back to Tennessee to pick up Justin & Vicki and last stop, Grant, Alabama. here lives Grandpa Tony Botos. Great guy!!! Boy does he love his grandsons.

9th day: Here we got to visit the Cathedral Caverns. Wonderful, awesome, one of a kind Cavern w/a great love story that follows it. After visiting the cavern, the only bad thing is it makes you want to go the bathroom & remind you when your walking in a cavern/cave...there are NO bathrooms. lol After saying our good-bye's we heading back to Texas.

Our way back we stop and watched 'Greyhound Races'. Oh man, this was a first for me...such an adrenalin rush to watch those dogs run. DID YOU KNOW? They no longer chase a rabbit, its a bone. (due to animal rights) AND so they buried the rabbit out in the middle of the field, w/a head stone... got told to remove that as well (animal rights) & so no longer do the dogs chase a rabbit, its fury bone. AND AND was told in Mexico at their dog races they let monkey's ride on the back of the dogs like jockey's!! NOW that would be awesome to see!!! lol

10th day: Made it home at 7 in the morning, July 10th. First the kids did when we got home was walk over to Mammy & Pappy's house to wake them up, since they have not seen them in 10 days.

Until next time...Mamabotos