Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday after thanksgiving

Well first of all I had a great Thanksgiving! We went to my parents and had family come in from Estelline. Love the Moore's, my Uncles & Aunts. Crazy, yes but full of love and will give you their shirt off their backs. So after eating, brought Cora home, she had a stomach bug. So I went to Wal~Mart to get an xbox for a co-worker. I causally Walk into the doors and noticed people in aisles behind yellow tape. I am thinking this is crazy, so I ask around for the xbox, ended up walking all the way around to the Christmas aisle over by the gardening section. I walk up and I am handed the LAST ticket to guarantee me of getting an xbox. OMG little did I know you had to have a ticket. But once you were in line you were not allowed to leave. You we given an 10 min potty pass. You had ten mins to go to the restroom and get back or your ticket went to the next person! Lol. I was stuck in the aisle with some awesome ladies and all we did was laugh and giggle the whole time.

Spent the next three days decorating the house for Christmas. I love this holiday!!! I enjoyed taking the kids to see Sant downtown. It was a little rainy but it cleared off and it was a perfect evening. Sate chili, popcorn & ice cream! afterwards we drove the park to check out the lights. We like to ride thru and pick a favorite and then we try to guess each others favorite.

Now onto Monday, woke with eyes matted shut. Never had this happen, got up took a shower and went to school got there and someone asked what's wrong with my eyes? They then said PINK EYE! So I went down to the nurse and not just one nurse said yes but both of them said yes! And not only do I have it in one eye.....but BOTH EYES! oh lord this day has been miserable. My peepers burn with they are open & closed. Ugh, burning itching mucus draining all day. I hope it goes away by morning b/c this chick needs to get to work! Lol.

So now onto watching the Sing Off! Until next time.... mama Otis

Monday, November 21, 2011


Well today was a bitter day. I went to school, got my first class under way and BAM! watched a ball hit the ceiling and land right on the laptop. Yep, it sure did. So I calmly went over and picked up and turned it into technology. Nothing more.

Finished my day at work, came home and started cleaning my house. Swept and mopped the living and dining room.

Went to pick up Jantz from gymnastics. Man his he getting tall! All his pants that was bought at the beginning of school are too short. Oh boy!

Came home and Botos had cooked some dove for supper. Some fried and some wrapped in bacon w/jalepeno Oh yummy!

Worked with Cora on her nightly reading words and she read her books to me. Poor thing is having a tough time with reading, sad thing is I know exactly how she feels. I hate it for her. But we will keep working and improving.

Now it's chill time. Baths have been given, Jantz went to spend the night with his Nanna. So that leaves Cora, Kennedy, Botos and I. The girls and I are watching Tinkerbell and Botos is watching some movie on his laptop folding clothes.

The rain today was awesome but man it was chilly. Which today Botos bought me a buddy heater to have in the deer blind. HECK YEA! it's on!

Well off to blow dry my hair so I won't freeze all night. Lol!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Sunday, November 20, 2011

new blog I am following

Just found a new, fun, cool blog! and she has this contest where you can win free stuff!

Friday, November 11, 2011


What a special day this has been. Got up, did my bus route, came to school and while at school, I got to attend a wonderful Veteran's program!!! WOW... We had 50 Veterans in attendance. Each one got up to speak about what they were apart of and any grandchildren or family memebers were present got to come up and stand by them. Oh My gosh... sweet. Mr. Bird got up first to speak and it was awesome, I was crying! After each veteran, Mrs. Welborn led the whole student body into singing "God Bless America." Oh lord, so sweet to hear those little voices singing all together for those veterans. Again I cried cried cried cried cried cried!!! lol It makes you stop and think and be thankful! I love my job!

I am sad though that I did not invite my Grandad, Uncle Kenny, & Uncle Kyle. But I will share that they all three served along with my Grandad's seven Brothers. I love all those brothers... so neat to see them together and share stories. I guess it never matters how many friends you have but you will always have your family. I also have a cousin, Jon Hawkins, that is currently serving and is stationed over seas. God bless these guys and women who have ever served for our Country.

However, to finish this fine Friday will be unwritten... we will let you know how this day ends after we finish making memories of today.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Thursday, November 3, 2011

PIctures say it all

Me & My Love

Me & the Boyz (love these guys)

Jantz & his Pumpkin

Cora & her pumpkin

Robin Hood (when you shoot another arrow into the end of another arrow)

Full picture of both arrows! (this like a hole in one!)

Cora and Minnie Mouse

Cora dressed up as a Kitty Cat this year

Until next time...Mamabotos

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November already!

October was full of football games, fun & more fun! Ended with Ghost, Goblins and Goodies!

Busy month for Football, Bobcats are doing well! Got a chance for play-offs!! I know the coaches have spend countless hours preparing these guys. I have enjoyed watching them play. Go Bobcats!

This month was also our annnual trip to Dallas to attend a Cowboys game & tailgate. It sure was nice to be around some friends, great friends. Its put together by 3 brothers and then they all invite their friends. One of the brothers is a chef and man, they can cook!!! It was awesome, but however, the sweet peppers got to this gal. I had such heartburn and indigestion!!hahaha I was up all night that night, oh man I am getting old!!! But they cooked sweet peppers by cutting the tops of them off, cleaning the inside, squeezing cream cheese inside and then placing the bacon over on the top, held together by a toothpick. OMG so good! I am glad I have a year to recover before next year!

Also this month, we held our Family Fun Night, this year TPO helped out with a Halloween Carnival. It was a huge hit. Had a great time to see the kids all dressed up in their costumes and hanging out with their families.

Then we had Halloween night, loved it all downtown!!! Great job and lots of candy, yes my kids did well!!! lol

But I experienced my first Migraine ever. It started Saturday morning. Finally Tuesday morning I called the Doc and was able to get in and get a shot and slept all day. I feel still weak but they say that it will do that to ya. I"m thankful that we have such wonderful doctors to get us in so quick! What a blessing! But man oh ma migrains are not fun!!! oh lord help!!!

Kids are doing great, Cora is loving first grade. Learning to read really wel. Jantz is tired of half day schools and ready to go to big school. lol Crazy kid. But they each carved their own pumpkins this year and did a great job. Now its time to put those decorations away and bring down Christmas. I enjoy Christmas, so I might just go ahead and put up the tree for two months this year... plus I gain an extra hour of sleep this weekend. I feel so rested during this time change.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love my stinkin' life... I think?

I will be honest, I have had a bad couple of days, WHY? Beats me, I wanna blame hormones, partially could be OR I hold things in and until I wanna explode and I just keep things in. Who knows!

BUT but, I felt blah all day. UNTIL... I had all four kids here at the house and I started cooking fried pickles! yummm... very good for the first time. After cooking, the kids and I made friendship bracelets...I let them make their oh the knots!!! lol Aaron had one with two necklaces taped together at the ends and WITH a plastic Texas Tech cup taped to it... looked like a pure white boy bling necklace... lol. Oh that boy!

Now my house is a wreck, friend pickles out, yarn for necklaces scattered on the table, candy wrappers every where... but all I see & hear is laughter and making memories. Oh oh oh... while making necklaces... Jantz says,'today I was watching Bubba Guppies and he farted and said 'Thats down for the count!'.... hahahaha out of no where.

So finally got the girls to take baths & the boys are pretending to be deers & made a fake deer feeder in the middle of the living. Shooting each other with nerf guns & bullets. The bullets stick their shirts so they know if it was a kill or not. Aaron is wearing a size 4T sweatshirt!!! The deer blind is hiding behind the ottoman in the corner (it has to be dark)... so we have no lights on but the TV which is on a baseball game ( TB vs. NYY). The girls are now the Does & the boys are the bucks, now they are coyotes & wild hogs!!! Do ya think we have hunting on the brain at our house!

Oh & Botos was not here, otherwise this probably would not have taken place... ; )

Great news on my grandmother. turned out she had a stroke, causing her to lose vision in her left eye. She had surgery today to try to remove the blood clot and the Doctors seem to think that maybe she will regain vision but no one knows for sure. Thanks for all the prayers, she is awesome!

and YES I love my stinkin' life!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun Fun Fun Saturday

Ok, I'm back... I have too so that I can help me later on life remember all the crazy, fun, whacky stuff that our family did.

We got in late from Bobcat Football, they got beat 20-10... great game, except for Second half. But Dad & I had fun, I think, taking 4 kids plus one more, to the game. The weather was awesome, little chilly for me, but that's just me. If the weather gets below 80, I'm cold! lol

Woke up this morning and headed to watch Aaron (nephew) play Flag-Football. WOW... lots of future little Bobcats out there! Great to see all the parents, grand-parents all out there watching. Afterwards, Botos and I walked around Wal-Mart, got the cats some food & one bag of busted deer corn. Then we got home, dressed & heading to a Quincentena. It was all in Spanish, I didn't understand a but a lot more than I thought. It was a beautiful ceremony! WOW... loved it. going to go to the dance this evening. FUN FUN FUN!

Cora is enjoying 1st grade. She will be starting gymnastics this week. She loves gymnastics! Jantz will also start it, lets see how that goes. I think he will do good. He will start kindergarten next year. So one more year of Mrs. Carol & Mrs. Angie's. Jantz is all into TRAINS! Everyday we come home, he wants to get on and watch trains!

I have gotten into bow hunting. Botos bought me a new bow! Something I never thought of doing but i love it! I enjoy getting out in the evenings and shooting my bow. I currently figured out that I can shoot w/both eyes open & hitting the target. I have yet to kill anything but hunting season opens up Oct. 1st. Getting excited to wear camo and going sitting in the deer blind.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've been everywhere...

I've had a wonderful vacation. Not much into details, will let the pictures speak for themselves BUT I will share some stories.

We left Childress on a Thursday evening, loaded up and packed up. Myself, Botos, Jantz, Cora, Vicki (Mother-in-law) & Justin (Brother-in-law). First destination Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We drove all night to get our cabin. Made it to the cabin and the first thing we did was.....Zorbit Zydro RIDE!!! That's right! Botos, myself & Justin crawled inside a big bubble, filled w/a little bit of water and rolled down a big hill. So were are just sit'n sliding & laughing so loud! What a rush, but a blast!

Spent the whole next day riding go-karts, Vicki crashing into people causing wrecks, lol! Even had go-karts for the kiddos to drive, what joy to watch the kids drive and bump into each other, plus planning to block each other. Crazy driving kids.

3rd Day: Spend the day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Beautiful little town, here they host a Midnight 4th of July parade. To kick off the 4th w/a lighted floats. The Grand marshal this year was: Catherin Bach (Daisy Duke). She still looked the same, beautiful. Behind her was THE General Lee, Boss Hog in his Cadillac , cop car!

I am thankful went back to Tennessee. We found out about all this 4 years ago when we traveled up to New York and came back down to Grant, Alabama. We told ourselves we are gonna come back when Jantz's 5th birthday. Its like a mini-Branson!!! I encourage you folks to vacate when vacation. drive 15 hrs and go through other states, not just the state of Texas.

4th Day: Today is July 4th and we ended up in Clarksville, TN at Botos' cousin Trina's home. here our kids finally met some other cousins for the first time. They have a pool (yes my dream home) & everything you can imagine for kids. We spent the evening enjoying fireworks.

5th Day: Today our kids went out on the river to ride tube behind a boat! Freaking blast!!! See their faces light up and smiling, laughing, yelling 'go faster go faster!" Also, Botos & I tried wake boarding.... hard hard hard! Kuddos to Trina & Jaime for trying to help us out... had a lot of laughs & sore, oh my goodness we were sore for 3 days!!! lol

6th Day: Off to Indiana to Spring Mill Inn, State Forest. Beautiful, nice, & cool air. Stayed her for 2 nights. It is in Mitchell, IN where Botos went to high school. So we got to meet a lot of his friends and visit. It was great to see Botos' face light up to see some of his buds. True Friends, they are. Can't wait to go back in a couple of years for his 20th reunion!!!

8th day: headed back to Tennessee to pick up Justin & Vicki and last stop, Grant, Alabama. here lives Grandpa Tony Botos. Great guy!!! Boy does he love his grandsons.

9th day: Here we got to visit the Cathedral Caverns. Wonderful, awesome, one of a kind Cavern w/a great love story that follows it. After visiting the cavern, the only bad thing is it makes you want to go the bathroom & remind you when your walking in a cavern/cave...there are NO bathrooms. lol After saying our good-bye's we heading back to Texas.

Our way back we stop and watched 'Greyhound Races'. Oh man, this was a first for me...such an adrenalin rush to watch those dogs run. DID YOU KNOW? They no longer chase a rabbit, its a bone. (due to animal rights) AND so they buried the rabbit out in the middle of the field, w/a head stone... got told to remove that as well (animal rights) & so no longer do the dogs chase a rabbit, its fury bone. AND AND was told in Mexico at their dog races they let monkey's ride on the back of the dogs like jockey's!! NOW that would be awesome to see!!! lol

10th day: Made it home at 7 in the morning, July 10th. First the kids did when we got home was walk over to Mammy & Pappy's house to wake them up, since they have not seen them in 10 days.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 2011

So far the month of June has consisted of us kiddos going to the pool EVERYDAY! We love to swim, plus what better way to get your kids better at swimming. I know I spent many many hours at the pool. Just being a kid!

June 1st we spent the day in Amarillo at Chuckee Cheese's for my nephew's Birthday, Luke Joshua!!! He is such a hoot, love that boy. he is doing so well, he got his cast off and is now getting used to walking with out the cast but he is still going strong! Luaghing and giggling the whole way. Cora hit jack pot on a 'Spongebob"game... the manager even came over and said it was broken BUT some other kids were quick to tell him NO, that she just won big!! Then they (little girls) turned around and won!!! lol

After the party, our little family went and watched Kung Fu Panda 2. It was great! Kids were into it and so were Botos & I. Oh... nothing beats a big bucket of movie popcorn with BUTTER!!! Found out Jantz likes the butter too! hahahah

This past week the kids attended VBS at Calvary Baptist, loved it. Had a special moment... One night Jantz got out of the car carrying his money bag. I had told him to leave it in the car, his response was, "No Momma, there is a little girl who needs a new heart and I am gonna help her get a new heart!" Needless to say, I shut my mouth and gave him the biggest hug ever! by the way the little girl he was speaking of his Ryanne Self, daughter of Scott & Sarah Self, Scott was a classmate of mine.

Botos & I are "Spur of the moment" kind of home projects people. So we up and decided to paint our living room and dining room. We went from sage green to a "sand beach" in the living room and "light turquoise" in the dining room. So basically looks like a the sands of a beach & turquoise of the ocean water! WOW, what its amazing what a little paint can do, makes our rooms look bigger, cleaner, and homey. Even though I had to cover up all of Cora's art work, sad but truly needed to be done.

Botos & I played in a co-ed softball tournament this past Saturday. First game at 8, which was tough, ugh. BUT by the end of the day I had played 6 games, our team placed 2nd overall. Long, hot, windy, dirty day ended up at the pool! Yep, it was still 102 at 8 o'clock so we had to go jump in and start working on getting all this soreness out. I think I am more sore than Botos, but I did about 500 squats b/c I was catcher. I chose to squat than stand & bend over every time... next time I just might stand! lol Two hits I am most proud of his 1- Botos' grand slam to help win the game to go to the championship and 2 - my triple in the championship.

This week, the kids are attending our Church's VBS. No home projects, but at the business we are tearing down the awning. Also this summer the kids have been attending Summer Reading at our local public library. They have enjoyed it, plus it has helped Cora get used to reading for first grade.

This week also, I am gonna try to take the kids to the 'midnight' premiere of 'Cars 2' at the Sandel Drive-in at Clarendon. So, hopefully i can take them swimming, long nap, then off to Clarendon!!! I'll be sure to let you know how that goes! lol

Pics to come soon... Hope you have a wonderful day.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1st

Today is Botos' Birthday! He is -- yrs old! I know so young right? We started the day off eating breakfast at the Kettle. he loves the Kettle, really iHop but not one near. Came back home & I crashed!!!

I finally decided to get back up and do nothing. lol I did do something, I booked our family vacation with my parents this summer. We will be going and staying at the Great Wolf Lodge. Right now you can buy 2 nights and get the 3rd night FREE!!! We will be going during the time of Texas High School Coaches Clinic in Ft. Worth. I have yet to go and I think I am more excited the kids... hee hee.

Botos & I sponsored the Jr./Sr. Prom and we had fun! We danced and visited w/the kids. Its so nice to the kids all dressed up! So many beautiful young ladies and handsome young men. Great time!

Cora had her gymnastic recital last week. That little stinker surprised me!!! I sometimes like to go in and watch practices but she told me no! So I didn't. Come the day of the recital that girl did a backhand spring all by herself!! little aid from Mrs. Kim, but I was so happy for her! That was her goal to learn to do one of those this year and by golly she did it. 4 yrs of gymnastics is paying off and she loves, loves gymnastics. She will just turn a cart wheel in the middle of the aisle of United, Wal-Mart, any parking lot.... crazy girl.

Jantz is growing up! he is only 4 but I treat him like a student! He is getting ready for summer to go swimming, mmmm imagine that. He is ready for a big boy bedroom sooo I guess that will be my first project of the summer or some weekend. He wants a big bed and a flat TV, oh lord help me!!! lol

Bobcat Baseball is in play-offs!! First play-off game will be this Friday, vs. Floydada Whirlwinds at Canyon RAndall at 5. Playing best 2 out of 3. Game time on Saturday will be 12:00. Come out and support those boys! They have been working really really hard. Proud of the team and coaches.

Until next time... Mamabotos

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great WEekenD

Friday was a great day! Hot but great! Got Cora a book from Ronda Friend, "PU You Stink!" Ronda Friend is author of Books called "Down on Friendly Acres." She was really entertaining and so glad I was able to see her talk and act out her stories.

After school Friday, the kids and I went to Altus w/Botos to watch JV Bobcat Baseball play. Granted JV played their Varsity first and then their JV, their Varsity beat us 14-2. It was good for our sub teams to play every now and then. Whether they lose, they can still improve and get better at things they need to work on. On the way their both kids crashed. They slept for about 2 innings out in the car. No don't go call they were fine. But after-wards we ate and in the bathroom above the handle someone had wrote I <3 u. so on the way home, Jantz tells Cora that he loves her. He said it twice and Cora then said, "I know! Just like it said in the girls restroom!" I busted out laughing and Botos had no clue, until I told him. LOL Priceless moment.

Saturday--- Botos left to go to Clarendon to coach up the Bobcat Baseball teams. Kids & I stayed home. However, Botos did leave us some doughnuts w/our all of our favorites inside. On top of the box he wrote, "have a great day! love dad" awwwww. Well, after that we headed over to my sister's yard sale. She did good! But I was glad she didn't sell the furniture for Cora's room. I know everyone asked about it. Sorry their ladies.

Came home and started overhauling the house. First room Cora's! oh lord... i took out 3 bags of trash, 2 bags for yard sale. Took out furniture, moved some in. She now has drawers...its so nice now. Next room Jantz's. it wasn't that bad b/c I just cleaned out his room. But i had 2 bags of trash and 1 bag for yard sale. I did call my mom and asked if she could help me. I am so lucky to have a mom that can come and help clean and still teach me a few things. She took over the laundry and the kitchen. I took over the rest of the house. BUT WOW!!!! My house is cleaned, organized, and its open. What I mean by that is we don't have carpet in my house anymore!

That leads me to today, Sunday. We slept w/the windows opened and all ceiling fans on high. Both kids slept in their bed until who knows when b/c they both ended up in our bed. I got up and went to church. Felt great, why is church like running? Its so hard to get up and go but when you do, you feel so much better after-wards?! Came home and started in our room, the only room w/carpet!

So, here are Botos & I thinking we don't have to move any furniture out, we can pick it up and the other can pull the carpet from underneath, right? WRONG! out goes Botos' back. So we both ended up in the living room to recuperate and ended up watching a movie, SALT, and Botos fell asleep. I am sitting and said to myself, gotta get that carpet up!!! So i go in there, move out a dresser, a TV, and a chest. Not light by any means. I start cutting the carpet up in sections b/c there was no way I was gonna be able to move our bed!!!! So I cut around the bed in sections, after each section I would open up the bedroom window and throw out the carpet and padding. But the hard part was under our closet doors. that was a booger!!!

Then at the right time, my parents walk in and I put them to work! lol Dad then busted out the trim and mom and I pulled out staples. Underneath all that carpet lied good, GOOD hard wood floors! So now that is what lies out through out the house besides the bathroom. I was able to put back all furniture and now I need to go put sheets on and lay this tired body down! I could hardly move today, its a sure sign of getting old when your sore the next day from cleaning house!!! lol

Power hour was awesome! Came home, hubby had supper ready. I ate, then went for a run and its 9:00 o'clock. It has been an awesome weekend for me. I hope all of yours have been as well.

I ran 3 times last week, I hope to run everyday this week and lower my time a little bit. I am still running just 1 mile a day. But I was thinking maybe in the middle of the week I just try to run the Full of Bull route. ummmm we shall see.

Until next time...Mamabotos!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Finish the Week

So the running thing has been good. I ran my first mile on Tuesday evening, not liking the whole starting on a Monday. lol I ran a little under a mile, right around 9 mins....didn't think it was too bad for not running in a year and half. My second mile was last night and I had 4 kids on bikes following me! It was so funny looking. Me and My get-a-long-gang! but it made me NOT want to walk in front of the kids, so that I can push myself to do better so the kids can see me trying to get in better shape and do what is right.

Cora lee has been wanting to run with me. I am not gonna lie, we probably run the same pace! lol But we surprised her last night w/her NEW BIKE! My kids go through bikes like shoes! But I am not complaining. Those kids ride bikes EVERYDAY for about 2 hrs before its time to come in (when the street lights come on!)

T-Ball: Both kids are playing T-ball this year and are on the same team, TEXAS RANGERS! Jantz is so excited and now he wants to play golf, which we have signed Cora up for Junior golf. I love golf! I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

FFN! That stands for Family Fun Night, something SHAC committee has started here at the Elementary. One night a month, we open the elementary school and play! That's right play, play games, obstacle course in the gym, Wii Dance, DDR Pads, Scoooter Basketball in the hallways. its so much fun. each month we tried to do something different. It is so great to see families come up and play with their kids. The reason for it is to get families to spend time together. With jobs, practices of every sport its hard to find time to just spend time together and play. plus its FREE! Plus parents only come to school to see their kids teacher, might be positive but then again might not be. In this setting they get to let loose and relax. I am so happy to be a part of this, I know my kids & I look forward to it!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Monday, April 4, 2011

Running :/

Ok, I THINK I am gonna try this running thing AGAIN! lol See I did it 3 yrs ago and I weighed more than I do now. My sister & I would get up every morning for 4 months at 5:30 and go work out. Well, not much a change was happening, not in my eyes they weren't. I participated in the Full of Bull run & the Valentine's Sweetheart run (which was very very cold!) In mind set I thought being a former basketball player it wouldn't be that bad...WRONG! you actually need to train a few months for it. So that is my goal. It seems like when you set a goal you tend to be more motivated to work out and eat healthy. So, what race shall I compete in? hmmmmmm, good question. But I do know as of today, April 4, 2011 I will start my running.

I have downloaded the couch potatoe to 5K workout as well as another one, after having two kids & no more gym membership (due to saving money & getting really sick) I have decided its TIME. To you, you might be thinking, "aw, your look fine, your skinny." Well, there is a fat skinny, ya know what I mean! lol I would like to get toned up! This flab around my mid section has got to go!!!! and yes my booty I would like to get toned up, its seems to sag a little more & more! lol Oh lord, can't believe I am blogging about my butt! lol

So my goal has been set, I shall meet my goal! Between this workout & the ab circle

I hope to look like this is 90 days!

Until next time....Mamabotos!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Hot & Windy = Lazy

Wow what a weekend! Spend the day yesterday on the road. First Amarillo to watch the Bobcat Baseball team whoop up on the River road Wildcats 18-8, now they are standing 2-0 in District!!! yes baby!

After the game I hit up Taco Bell! Kids are tired of me going there every time we go out of town but once they get those Cinnamon twists, they suddenly remembered they like Taco Bell! See Mom does know best! lol

Also we stopped at Wal-mart to fill up the car w/gas. That is one of our Dave RAmsey things: we put so much money on a gift card from Wal-Mart and then we use it for gas only. once it starts going low then we know it means no more going going going.

I also got air in my tires!!! Okay may not be a big deal for you but me YES! Plus w/Nissan you have "special" air and regular will not work... Idk... but I was able to get that orange triangle w/the exclamation point off my dash!!! that thing was annoying after 6 months....

Now the kids & I were heading to Tulia, Texas! Yes, my big brother Josh finally got to move into his new house!!! I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard through school, working Pharmacy hours, getting married, having 2 beautiful wonderful boys! they have taken their time in building this house. They know exactly what they wanted & how. Its such a wesome house for a wonderful family. I was to go and help them move in BUT i liked my job even better and that was to watch and play with the kids. yes it was hot & windy, the kids did a very good job of staying out and playing majority of the time. All I know after a long day of moving it makes every one tired and cranky. So that is when we decided to head on out. After the seeing the progress of this house and now its finally done... its a beautiful home where his family will make wonderful memories!

Makes me think back to the house I grew up in. Which my parents still live in to this day. WOW... great times. Even the one in Estelline when we lived there, out in the country... sand blowing, buried cars in the cotton field, being drug on the hood of a car when it snowed, frog races on top of the cellar, playing hide-n-go seek! List could go on forever!

Today was a lazy day, did wash my sheets on my bed...the only thing on my to do list. Kids played out in the springler out back, wearing their swimsuits and roller blading all over the neighborhood. Did manage to watch the movie "Eat,Pray & love" awesome movie... so now I am trying to save up money to go to Bali!!! lol i will be saving for a very long time!

Hope you all had a blessed day!
Until next time...Mamabotos!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Cora being her self...GOOFY!

Cora sticking out her tongue!

Handing out treats, her first Valentine's School party

Aaron showing off his Valentine Box

My Boot...

The kids feet so little & precious

What Duck!

The Duck left to go hide...

Cora Lee getting tall

Bevo getting him a drink

Until next time...Mamabotos

Friday, February 18, 2011


(From the article:

Best places for hiding money at home (Please don't come to my house and steal my stash.):

1. Underneath a safe.

A safe is an obvious place to hide money, so place something of lesser value in the safe so that a robber steals that and leaves the safe intact. Make a secret compartment underneath the safe in the floorboards, just in case. What robber will move a safe?

2. In the Refrigerator

There are a few companies that sell food items (containers and jars) with secret compartments. Just hope your robber isn't hungry.

3. Under the Refrigerator

Make a false bottom for the refrigerator by cutting out a thin sheet of opaque plastic and taping it (or magnetizing it) to the bottom of the fridge. You can line up the cash on the plastic and then place it under the fridge. (Be careful with this you don't want to hurt your back.)

4. Pens

A simple ball-point pen can be modified to fit one or two rolled-up bills. Also, place the pen in an area where people are not likely to utilize it, for instance, at the bottom of a drawer.

For added realism, CHEW ON THE PEN. Who wants to touch your nasty chew-toy?

Until Next time...Mamabotos

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy Weather

Wow=weee all this snow and freezing cold weather has got to go!!! I have enjoyed the late start, but glad to be back to normal hours.

Cora is selling Girl Scout Cookies!!! She is so excited to be a Girl Scout!!!! She has her own little table set up at the shop downtown and she thinks all the money that people give her is hers to keep. ummm sorry honey, its not yours, even though she has had a few tip her for being so sweet. The girl knows how to work it already.

Jantz is glad that he hasn't had school this week, by his choice b/c there is snow on the ground and in his mind, you can't drive or get out when there is snow on the ground. However he went w/Nanna (Mother-in-law) yesterday to Amarillo to her doctor's appt. He said he had a great time. Well I wonder why? for one he got new shoes, a car track, and bubbles. Apparently he was a good boy. Then they went to eat at Red Lobster! Nanna loves Red Lobster and Jantz had: Ficken Chingers!!! lol I laughed so hard when they cam out of his mouth last night. We all do that at some point in our day.

Baseball season has started!!!! Had 2 beautiful days of practice and then winter hit. But thankfully spring is just around the corner according to Phil, the groundhog. super excited about this upcoming season but right now Basketball season is on a roll.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom's Who Think?

Calling ALL MOMS! I have found the best website for us mommies. Just a few of the things I enjoy about the website are its meal plans! YES YES YES... it has meal plans set for 8 meal a day. It is so easy and awesome! So there is no more worry about what you are going to cook during the week. Do your shopping on Sunday and it for all 5 meals it will cost ya less than $100. It does for me, may be different for you.

Topics that are available are:

* Home
* Food
o Food & Recipes
o Mama Shirleys Recipes
* Diet & Nutrition
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* Pregnancy & Baby Names
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o Baby Names
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♦ More in Recipes
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♦ More in Parenting
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♦ More in Diet & Nutrition
Lemonade Diet
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♦ More in Celebrations
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♦ More in Health
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Trying to Conceive

♦ More in Baby Names
Pregnancy & Baby Names
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Labor and Birth


until next time... Mamabotos

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Stomach bug strikes again! First Botos last Wed, Cora on Saturday night and me last night & today. For them it was a 12 hr bug, but for me a 24 hours. I missed Monday night Bible study and didn't work any JH games. So now my week has started off track.

But this FRIDAY it is CES night at Bobcat Den. Also, 2nd & 3rd grade will be doing basketball skills at half time of the games. Excited and nervous but these kids need to start sometime!

Dave Ramsey is awesome! I can say that Botos & I are full speed ahead. We are a team, goals set, budget sheets done! First month is almost over and so far I have not used my debit card at all! CASH ONLY!!! yahooooo....

Kids have gotten into skating! It wasn't too long ago that I took Cora to the skating rink to sign her up for Girl Scouts. She loved it! Kennedy and Cora took off... until then bam, bam, another bam... they kept falling! But they did not quit. The continued to get right back up and finish skating. Michelle Garcia and I was just laughing so hard. Well they finally got it the skating down and could make it all the way around and then come up to where I was sitting and BAM it the floor! I couldn't figure out why until I got up and looked on the floor and there lied a bobby pin! hahaha No more bobby pin equals no more falling!!! Those kids had bruises all over them the next couple of days. Now Jantz wants to go learn, so maybe Saturday we can tackle the skating rink.

Hope you all have a great day, Until next time ... Mamabotos!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, 1-17-11

MLK Day! How did you celebrate? We didn't, we had school but Cora told me that he gave a speech about a dreeeeaaaammm! lol Crazy girl.

The Fog! Wow it was heavy this morning driving the bus. It was scary. I also about missed my turn off to Vest Ranch. It did clear up some as we got into town, but not much. I love driving the bus! Some of you are thinking no way, but I enjoy seeing those kids every morning. I have my little route that I do and I am usually done by 4:30.

Maybe I get the "Shop Boys" to fix me up a PIMP Bus like the ones below!!:

Here is my van I want!!! maybe not yellow but light baby blue!!! heck yeah...

Today was a long day, teaching basketball to the entire K-3rd is tough! But again 'I love it!' I don't think they do anymore because we aren't shooting. All we do is ball-handling & dribbling right now. I think their legs get tired and plus they are out of breath! Getting 2nd & 3rd grade to perform at half-time of the Varsity Girls/Boys game on Jan. 28th. Its not gonna be PIP show but it will be awesome. I hope!

After school, I did my bus route AGAIN (yes, twice a day). Then I headed to the gym to work clock for JH & 9th grade Girls Basketball games. I have gotten pretty good at, keeping up with player fouls & player # who fouled & AND... how to turn off the Time-out that seems to go off with 15 seconds left in a quarter!!! So stinkin' proud!!! Now the fans won't yell at me (yea right) and the officials & coaches won't look at me crazy!!! Plus I work w/my sister & Ginger Wilson. These two girls know how to make you laugh!!! But I laugh at them on how mad they get watching girls play basketball...

After the games, I attended a Woman's Bible Study and have enjoyed it. But I feel like I need to not talk so much at But I will be honest, I have kind of lost touch with God/Jesus. Had a great youth & youth Ministers'. I went off to college and went occasionally but not like I should. Got married & now I have kids. I am trying to be the example my mom was to us by taking us to church. She was a little better at than me. We will make it to church but hair may not be brushed and lucky the kids have on clothes! lol My mom had us dressed to a 'T'! Hair curled, dressed nice, panty-hose (oh I how I hate them things!). But we went, she would drive us all the way from Estelline in her little red Dotson 2 door car w/four kids! Moms rock!

After the study, I came home to my little girl asleep on the couch and a lil' man hiding trying to scare me!!! So He & I went a got bathes and off to bed to watch "2 Fast & 2 Furious." He loves those movies... thank goodness we have encore for free this month, so we can record it to DVR!

Most of the time he pretends he is asleep and scares!!!

Cora had a great day at school. Jantz didn't have school, he was a lazy bum all day... & Botos...yes he was at the Baseball field. He had those boys working hard getting ready for their season. Also, they are selling Bobcat Baseball "Fan Wear" if you are interested let me know.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 of 2011

A long week it was! You know baseball season is about to start when Botos heads to Baseball Clinic in Waco, Tx. I am excited about this season. Last season was great, but I have a feeling this season might be just a little bit better. Who knows!

Botos has gotten big into Bow Hunting. He is addicted to a Bow hunting website like I am to Facebook! lol I did go sit the ground blind with him, just one time. He said I move around to much. I never go invited back. But hunting season this year was good to us. I started off with bang and I guess you could say I ended it with a bang. I never went back out after the two hunting First hunt, shot two does. Second hunt, 8 pt Buck. For Christmas, my husband and European mounted my buck (he did it himself) on to a Texas shaped out of wood. It looks sharp & yes it hangs in my living room!

School week was great. In PE, I have been teaching Basektball. We started off with dribbling & ballhandling. This week we will add passing. I have 2nd & 3rd grade performing on Jan. 28th, Friday, at the Varsity Girls/Boys half-time games. It is also CES night for all elementary kids!!! Packed house.

Botos was gone to WAco from Thurs-Sat. He enjoys seeing all the other baseball coaches, teammates from college, and talk baseball. He always has a good time. So the kids and I got to hang out. Also, Thursday, I attended a Women's Study Group. It was awesome!!! I am so thankful for the ladies who got this going. It is just what the Dr. order for me.

Saturday was a wonderful day. The kids and I slept in and then we headed out to the Stock show. I am impressed with kids that take the time to prepare their animals for this. So much hard work & dedication go into this. Plus the kids get to see the animals. We always have a good time. After we left there, we stopped by to see Pappy. He had asked the kids "how they do?' meaning them, if they entered in the show! lol. Asked Jantz if won the Chicken show!!! Jantz just started squawking like a chicken. Crazy kids!!! But they love their Pappy. After wards, Mammy had the girls spend the night. They played dress up! clothes were every where. We are so blessed to have such great grandparents!!!

Sunday has been a wonderful day. Botos cooked lunch and now he is off getting his deer feeders ready for next season. Kids have been doing their chores and playing wii games. I have been cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. Why do I let the laundry pile up all week long. It would be easier to do 2 loads a day. Easier said than done. Hanging out with the kids, still need to go grocery shopping, & finish up the laundry.

Oh, the whole Dave Ramsey thing is working out! Its so awesome, Botos & I are on the same page with the spending. I am anxious to see how this month goes!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Week of 2011

First week went by sllooooooowwwww! Monday- I was glad to be back at school. For one to be back on a schedule & two: see all the kiddos and hear what they all got for Christmas. You know it always amazes me how when I ask one student what they got by the time I get to the last student they ALL got the same thing!!!! LOL

Tuesday & Wednesday were normal. Went to church on Wednesday... took 2 out of the 4 kids with me. I love Wednesday night services. To see all the young boys go up and lead singing, present us a lesson and to say prayers. I know my kids pay more attention on Wednesday services... maybe we should have them do a Sunday lesson? Nah, but my kids look up to them and want to know when they can do that. Answer: 'Someday.'

Thursday, wacky day! Made it through...worked JH games. Always fun to watch the first game back after the Christmas break. Those poor kids did nothing over the break! So dead tired. But I also enjoy watching the teams and how much they have improved since the beginning of the season.

Friday---Went by fast....worked high school games. Again same as the J.H. teams... dead tired and improved. Varsity girls got their first District Win--Way to go Lady CAts!! Keep the W's filling the win column.

New Year's Resolution: Do you have one? or not? Well, we do. We, as Botos & I. For the last two years Botos has been telling me we need to work on our financial budget. Of course I agreed but we didn't stick to it or I didn't, he did. But this year is different. A wonderful friend (You know who you are!) has given us the insight of 'Dave Ramsey.' WOW WOW WOW. I am on board. Its amazing stuff, let me tell ya. He (Dave) takes the words right out of my mouth, every time we sit down to watch a lesson. The great thing about all this is 'WE' (Botos & I) communicate to each other. In the past it was, hey what do you have this week? or game? good day? yeah? going to bed? yes? good night? and we did it all over the again the next day. It became old and we knew it. So this whole "Dave Ramsey" deal is a blessing. Has opened our eyes to a whole new world. We have 'our time' where he & I sit down and discuss our finances and plus talk about upcoming events. The goal is to become debt free, do not use credit cards, borrow money, & save save save!

I have to admit something. I miss coaching! oh man, basketball season rolled around and hit me hard. But But...driving the bus route (making more money) and being home for my kiddos and has been the best thing for Botos & I. I am refreshed, getting sleep, helping kids w/projects, and just being home. Oh I miss the smell of a gym, watching girls improve, win, get along, & having fun. i will coach again some day but not any time soon. God knew what he was doing and he has a plan for me & us.

Of course i couldn't just sit at home. NO! I went and bought a 'TANNING SALON' and opened it up!!! hahaha but its great, get to see different people. Now that my mom & Kim are over here working...well...there is NEVER A DULL MOMENT!! We have fun!!!

Back to ol'Dave. Its tough, he has guidelines and steps for us to get done. Our brains our going 90 mph trying to think of how we are going to do it, but BAM! His next lesson tells us how. I think through this whole process we are going to have to have 'patience!' I have tons of that, but Botos ummm he is getting better. lol. More for him its a "Feel Good" feeling, knowing where every dollar is going and how much. So far we are doing really good. I will keep you posted. oh ohoh... another thing, is we have gotten the kids involved in it! They want to work and get paid and learn how to "save & give". Its funny what they will do now when we say, 'You will get paid?' and boom they are off! But they want it right then and there. The money in there hand. Kind of like us adults but they are learning they get paid weekly, not daily. So if anyone has a glass jar (pickle jar size, I know we should have tons of them!) we would love to take them off your hands to be used a piggy banks.

I have a feeling that this year will be a great, productive, awesome year for the Botos'. I hope it is for you and your families as well. Happy New Year!

Until next time...Mamabotos