Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Stomach bug strikes again! First Botos last Wed, Cora on Saturday night and me last night & today. For them it was a 12 hr bug, but for me a 24 hours. I missed Monday night Bible study and didn't work any JH games. So now my week has started off track.

But this FRIDAY it is CES night at Bobcat Den. Also, 2nd & 3rd grade will be doing basketball skills at half time of the games. Excited and nervous but these kids need to start sometime!

Dave Ramsey is awesome! I can say that Botos & I are full speed ahead. We are a team, goals set, budget sheets done! First month is almost over and so far I have not used my debit card at all! CASH ONLY!!! yahooooo....

Kids have gotten into skating! It wasn't too long ago that I took Cora to the skating rink to sign her up for Girl Scouts. She loved it! Kennedy and Cora took off... until then bam, bam, another bam... they kept falling! But they did not quit. The continued to get right back up and finish skating. Michelle Garcia and I was just laughing so hard. Well they finally got it the skating down and could make it all the way around and then come up to where I was sitting and BAM it the floor! I couldn't figure out why until I got up and looked on the floor and there lied a bobby pin! hahaha No more bobby pin equals no more falling!!! Those kids had bruises all over them the next couple of days. Now Jantz wants to go learn, so maybe Saturday we can tackle the skating rink.

Hope you all have a great day, Until next time ... Mamabotos!