Friday, April 2, 2010



Boy it has been awhile, so much has happened let me catch you up to date. I recently changed my background to a patchwork theme. The reason for this is that a quilt made up of patchwork tends to tell a story. A story about someones life, history, however usually a meaning. I have two quilts w/Cora's Birthday on it as well as one of our Wedding date. Now to me there are two very special dates that happened to me in my life time and were given to me by a special friend during my lifetime.

Now, so much has happened in my life and I would like to share a few of those things.

First patch: My parents. They are the most awesome parents a child could have. As I am finding out being a parent is tough, I can't imagine how my parents did it w/4 kids and work full time! There are ups & downs- which they have experienced a down. My Dad was let go of West Texas Gas (Propane); Mom had to change locations and open up her own beauty salon (TANGLES- love the name). Now of course we thought it was the end of the world but my parents being the awesome people they are, simply looked at the positive side of these changes and moved on and guess what? They haven't even skipped a beat!!! Mom got her own place, Dad got on w/Quanah Gas & Oil. So changes might be tough and something u made not ask for but there is a reason for it.

Second patch: Botos. WOW... an amazing man. He loves me, his kids, his family (mom, brother), his job, his players, his life! He is such a go-getter, when he has a plan or idea to get something done, there is no gets done right then and there. Very goal-oriented. An awesome role-model!!! Not only is he a father to his own kids but to his players, u talk about amazing!!! I love this man and I know he is loved by many others. Botos-I am glad that we are able to make our own quilt w/our own patches; which someday if ever quilted it will be a HUGE QUILT!!!!

Third Patch: Cora & Jantz. Little turds but the joy of my life! Cora Lee is so dramatic, a Valley girl (according to Aunt BB). She reminds me so much of my mother, Lori, & Botos' grandmother "Tillie". Very out spoken, into make-up, fashion!!! Got a little bit of Doris (my grandmother) very into big flashy bling jewelry. LOL. Jantz on the other hand is a mini-me version of Botos!! Very competitive, independent, a smart kid. He is ALL boy, trucks, dinosaurs, Thomas the Train, he loves DIRT!!! he loves to play play. I do have my hands full w/these two which is great for me. which leads me to my next patch.

Fourth Patch: Coaching. Now Botos & I both coach, I don't know how to do anything else. Its very time consuming, stressful...not so much, I am pretty laid back. I love working w/kids and being to able to teach them something and then see them use it in a game!!! Love to see improvement, the desire, dedication put into something and be successful. Now as a couple coaching, constantly going going going. I have decided not to coach anymore. Did I quit? NO, I am not a quitter and wouldn't quit on the girls in the middle of year; or quit on a coach in the middle of season. There were differences; me not coaching was something that was going to take place next year; not in the middle of the school. That decision was made from higher up. So now my duty consist of Full time PE teacher at Elementary & driving a bus route. Which I can make more $$$ and be home earlier. At this point in my life, I need to be w/my kids. Cora starts Kindergarten next year. Can't believe it! but yes this is something I wanted not this soon in the middle of a school year or a sport's season. While being a coach, I have made tons and tons of friendships w/other coaches, players, & families. That this patch could make its own quilt in its self!!! Basketball has always been a part of my life, little dribblers, JH, HS, Summer leagues, College. I appreciate all the questions & concerns but it is time I focus on my kids and I can still be a role model for my players by showing support in the stands or that I am being a MOM-a huge job itself!!! But coaching will always be there and someday I will be back coaching.

Fifth Patch: Brother & Sister. If walls could talk in our house or my parents house, oh my! My brother Josh, what a wonderful guy, always thinking of others & putting them first. He is a Dr. of drug He has a beautiful family. His two wonderful little boys are so stink'n cute. Bless Christina...she is the only girl in her family and so far still is. But someday there will be a little angel come their way. Josh reminds me so of my Dad its not even funny. Now too my sisters: Shannon-has blessed us w/two beautiful children that my parents have taken in. Another hard thing to do after you have raised your own 4 and then start over. But w/my two it makes it fun and never a dull moment. Now....BB aka Lori. She is a mess, funny, crazy, loud, always smiling, having fun! She make me laugh on a drop of dime. She is my twin...except for one area and I think we can all figure that part out!!! She is my best friend... a great aunt for my kids... a great story teller!!! LOL... Life w/out Lori equals boredom.

I know there are many other patches to talk about but they will all come about soon. I know we all have a quilt that was given to us or made by a family member that has meaning. I challenge you this summer to make a quilt of your family. Let your kids help out and pick out something to put in the quilt. The patch can remind you of a good time, bad time, or even an article of clothing of someone special in your life that you recently loss. That way when the quilt is done you can look at each patch and tell the story of that patch. It will be your Family HiSTORY!!!

Have a great Easter and weekend!!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos