Tuesday, July 6, 2010


3000 miles is what I have now on my new car. Urgggh...what is it? We don't want to drive it to put miles on a new car but that was the whole reason to get a new car so that you could be the one to put the miles on it instead of someone else, a used car?!? lol.

Last Monday was a day...a day where we experienced our first broken bone. Botos nor myself have ever experienced a broken bone. Monday evening, I was helping my parents clean up & rake leaves up at the apartments, where they maintain the yards. I came home to get all 4 kiddos to take them to a birthday pool party (which was on Tuesday, no Monday). No party, so I went ahead and took them w/me back to the apartments to finish up. So we are cleaning away, kids are playing at the small playground. I had walked by many times, every time I would walk by I would see all kids playing, no biggie. Mom & I were carrying everything back to the truck to go home.

We were then met w/a lady (whom was sitting there watching all the kiddos play) walking w/Jantz holding his arm...broken! I just got a sick feeling in my stomach. So I drop everything, go to pick him up and take him to the ER...then came my dad to help hold Jantz. We haul butt to the ER, on the way I call Botos and told him to meet me at the ER, Jantz had broken his arm from falling off the monkey bars. Of course that is NOT something he wanted to here... So we get him in and he is just crying crying crying! Nothing I can I do... don't know his pain. So Botos & I are now in the back w/Jantz, by this time my parents had taken the other 3 kids home.

He was given a pain shot, which it finally knocked him or calmed him down so that they could do x-ray. Now, there is nothing funny about a broken arm BUT as the x-ray tech & nurse were trying to get him to give a thumbs up...Jantz shouted, "My arm is broken! See its broken, I can't move my fingers...Arm is broken!!!" LOL

After the x-ray, it showed 2 broken bones...could not reset here in Childress, so Botos & I took little man to Amarillo. There we were, awaiting the surgeon, nurse, everyone was ready for us. Very thankful for that. By this time it was around 11:30; the Surgeon was ready to do pins & plates if need be. Thankfully though, he did not need major surgery. Jantz goes back at 12:25. At 12:45 the doctor came back out and said he was all done, able to set the bones closed. Soooo, we head back to get Jantz, he looked so sad & worn out from crying so hard but he was resting and at ease. By 1:30, we three headed back home to Childress.

There is no good time to break an arm. This all happened just days before his 4th birthday, getting a new bike, supposed to have a swimming party (which we were going to have anyways, but due to the weather we did not.) Then it rained for days, even on his birthday.

Jantz turned 4!!!

I cannot believe it, my little man is growing up...he was most excited about getting his new bike.
He got his bike in today (July 6), which he could not ride due to his broken arm...but all is well, we will be traveling to Amarillo to get his hard cast on. Hopefully we can get a "water proof" cast. Heard they lined it w/some type of bubble wrap instead that cloth...I don't know but I do know that we will find out tomorrow!!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos