Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Weekend!

Friday night, the Bobcats were in action! BUT I must say I was very disappointed in the fans...HELLO WHERE WERE YOU! I couldn't believe at the empty seats...c'mon folks...your not quitters and we don't teach our athletes (who need to see the stands PACKED!) to give up. I am very proud of those that stayed through the whole game. Even though we did not win but for those Bobcats & Coaches to stand holding their finger as #1 to our school song, sure does mean a lot to see the support of the fans still supporting them through the END! Now come of folks, get out and support your Bobcats! Because one day, your little one will be a Bobcat or Lady Cat and you will be saying the same thing...& I don't even have one playing yet!! Its just my love to support these kids. They are kids!! They need encouragement, to be motivated, & supported.

Saturday, woke up and hit the town's city wide garage sale. Didn't find much except!!!! Jantz found a train!!! Thank the lord...this is two Saturday's in a row we have been out on the prowl for a train by garage saling. After that, we headed to watch Aaron play some mad Flag Football!!! I'm telling he is good at getting those flags!!! Its so fun to watch all those kids play on Sat. mornings. You know something? I know everyone of them!! LOL So its hard for me to root for just one kid...but to me to see their smile when they see me there. I feel honored. I love my JOB! That evening, Jantz & I went to Estelline to visit my Grandad who recently had an accident w/a calf dragging him. Jantz told him, "Grandad you stay in the truck!" hahahaha so cute. But he is well, slowly healing but good.

Sunday, cleaned house! Got all laundry sorted, sheets cleaned, house dusted, swept, & mopped. As well as, decorated my house for Halloween!! I talked myself out of it, didn't want to do it but then something got in me and said DO IT! So I climbed up in the attic and threw everything down, no one to hand it to, so I was hoping nothing would break on its way down or me! So again, I am outside, just got finished setting up my first monster and I hear all 4 kids coming around the corner screaming and holding on for dear life, riding behind Aaron on his 4-wheeler. Aaron stopped so sudden that all the kids heads went forwarded & at his amazement of the house being decorated so then he took off so fast that all of their heads went flying back and hands went to clinching the person in front of them tighter. (no one fell off) So of course, they wanted to help, so I let them decorate and when the excitement ran out after 5 minutes, they were gone playing & I went to redecorating.

Sunday ended good for me but not so good for Botos. I just sat down, wondering how I haven't heard from Botos. So I am thinking, he got him a deer and wants to surprise the kids. Then he walks in the door w/the saddest look ever! He went hunting in Estelline, but didn't do much hunting for deer BUT he was hunting for his PHONE!!! He supposedly turned his phone on silent, so he couldn't hear it! and the battery was going dead SO he couldn't see the light blinking! hahaha then comes in the daughter, Cora. She said, "Daddy, you lost your phone?" He said, 'yes, i looked every where. By the gates, my pants pocket, in the truck." Cora, "Sure in your truck, b/c it always falls between your seat and that thingy and falls under your seat." Botos looks at me and goes out to his truck and WALLA! HE found his phone, Where? under his seat, right where Cora had said!" Hunting was a success if you ask me.

Ending the day eating supper at my parents, STEW!!! So it was a fun filled weekend. Hope you all enjoyed yours!

Until next time... Mamabotos