Saturday, December 4, 2010

1st Saturday of December

WOW... I got up... couldn't really sleep in due to the kiddos & Cora's new kitty!!! Yes, you read a few months back that her kitty 'Charlie' passed away. Well her Daddy surprised her today with a new kitty!!!! its a girl, calico color and her name has been...Diamond, Sprinkles, Sparkles, Kaly, Christmas Ball, .... & who knows what the new name will be tomorrow.

The kids & I headed to the Bobcat Den, so that I could work clock for games all day today. I am so glad that we host a tournament. I got to see a lot of great games, great teams, great coaching & some not so great coaching...hahaha. To me when a coach is more focused on the officiating then they have lost the true passion of coaching. Plus to see the team act like the coach...behaving so unsportsmans like! Anyhooo.....

After the tournament, headed out to help mom & dad unload their red trailer from limbs, leaves, & trash. Then I got in my car and to my surprise ALL 4 kiddos were in there!!! trying to hide & scare me.... little farts!!! come to my house and hang out. Cora was proud to show them her new kitty and they all played hard in the bedrooms and then we all sat down and watched "Evan Almighty!" Cora was yelling at the people to hurry up and get on the ark! & that they should have listened to the man in the white beard. Jantz & Aaron were giggling when the secretary said,"If that came out of your front, I'd hate to see what comes out your back!" lol....Kennedy wanted to know 'how come the animals didn't attack the bad people?' Cause there were snakes, lions, tigers, and they didn't bite anyone. But the best was... Aaron said, "Abraham Lincoln is the boss!" a.k.a. Evan! hahahaha

So after the movie, we at beef & chicken pot pies & then loaded up to go look at Christmas lights. So we got in the car, went & got Pappy and headed to the park. Before we got to the entrance of the park, 3 out of 4 kids were OUT!!!! noise, talking, screaming, trying to sing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"... complete silence. Of course Aaron was up chatting away. Dropped Pappy & 2 kids off and came home to unload my two kids and they have been crashed out on the couch & chair ever since. WHAT A DAY!

I can't believe hoe much the kids have grown up! They can all go to the potty, wipe & flush...dress back & forth between my house & Mammy & Pappy's (even when its cold & dark!) ...the games the make up to play...enjoying movies & games...knowing how to hunt...the difference between a doe & a so many things!!!! But I am so thankful I am in their lives daily to enjoy every moment with them.

Have a great day!

Until next time....Mamabotos

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting caught up...

Jantz hanging from the 'oh crap' handle in the back seat of the car!

Mom celebrating her Birthday!!!

Cora's First Day of School!!! Kindergarten, her teacher Mrs. Churchill

Cora ready for her first day of School!!!

New addition to our family... BEVO! 6 month old, solid white English Bulldog...registered. Th name came with him.... such a joy!

These are the deers I see on my bus route on the Vest Ranch.

This is how I want my hair colored!!!

Halloween Pumpkins from the 4-H in the Park.

Botos & Cora w/his first Doe he shot with his Bow.

Kennedy & Aaron @ Halloween.

Jantz at his Halloween Party @ Mrs. Angie's.

Cora's First Halloween Party in Kindergarten...

Jantz & I being silly

My first hunt, shot 2 does!!

My second hunt...8 point Buck!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wow its been awhile. Halloween is over. Post pics of the kiddos & their costumes soon. Had a great time with Halloween this year. We took the kids to Wellington to their first haunted house. Cora did ok, but Jantz didn't.!! He doesn't care to go back to another for awhile. We had to tell him that it wasn't real blood, that it was Ketchup! Then he said ohhhhhhhhh its just Ketchup!!! lol funny kid. I will say it did take him a long time to go to sleep.

Cora has been having homework. NO... the teacher isn't sending homework, she just doesn't do it in class so she then has to do it at home. See, she sees Aaron having homework so she thinks she needs to have homework as well. Crazy girl! But I think we nipped it in the butt. I told her teacher & the Aid...well they put extra papers in her folder for homework. Let's just we spent about 45 minutes on those papers. Her words to me, 'Mom I don't like all this homework." hahaha

Botos on the other hand has gotten in to bow hunting. I must say he is a sharp shooter! He has managed to kill a 30 lb porcupine, 5 hogs, and a doe. I am thankful I haven't been target practice. When I know at times he wish I He is all into hunting now...never seen anything like it. He knows what the weather will be like, which direction the wind is blowing and how fast, sunset to sunrise. Oh...guess what I am getting for Christmas.... A bow!!! yaaahhooooo... He is also wrapping up Football season. I love to watch him on the sideline. He gets fired up and his actions show it.

Me on the other hand, has been busy. I just feel so rushed all the time. When I have 3 minutes, I feel guilty like I should be doing something or trying to think of what I have not done! I have slacked at home. on the weekends, I do my cleaning &laundry. but that isn't what I want to do on my weekends. I want to get the 'Man Room' finished, paint my walls in the house, re=do my bathroom. guess those things will be summer projects. I have even gotten so out of rhythm of even laying out the kids clothes the night before. What is wrong with me? All I think about is sleep!!! I guess I am ready for a holiday break!!!

Also the Tanning Business is going. We have two hair stations up & running. So now you can get your hair cut and tan!!! There is also a play room in the back for kids to play, watch TV while you do your thing.

Until next time...Mamabotos.

Up coming event: My hunting Date with Botos this Saturday! Stay tune for the outcome...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Charlie & Cora

Today I am going to tell you about a Charlie & Cora. Charlie is Cora's little kitten that she found at her Mammy's beauty shop. Every since we brought Charlie home, Cora caters to this little kitten like a new born baby. She would sit with her to feed her, play, make her its own bed & would even walk this kitty. Yes, she would use the our Chinchilla's leash and strap it onto Charlie and walk all over the neighborhood. It was cute but funny!!!

Charlie just recently started exploring outside. She would never get too far but she would go out and then meow to let us know she wanted back in. Then we got Bevo, English Bulldog. He & Charlie had a rough meeting at first but the last two weeks they were best friends!!! So cute too.

The last couple of day, Charlie has been just lying around. We thought she was pregnant from being outside. We noticed she has been lying on top of the dish box, I guess the heat from the box. The other night I went to check on her, as I would pet her she seemed ok; then I would push on her side and she would jump & meow! So she was hurt. From what we have no clue. not been ran over, no sign of that. So then we thought maybe one of the kids had thrown her she landed fairly hard. Who knows!

So last night, we come in from Botos' game, which they won!!! Way to go CATS!!! We walk in the door Cora finds Charlie just laying around, so she picks her up, takes her to her bed and makes a pallet for her. Kids got baths and we are heading to bed, Cora decides that we need the heating pad for the kitty. I thought well, Charlie has been laying on the Dish Box, why not a heating pad. So I turned it on LOW...(no folks we did burn the cat up!) So I drag a twin mattress into our bedroom, Cora, Charlie, & Jantz lay on it. Charlie is between the sweet!! They were talking to her, "Its okay Charlie, we are going to take you the Dr. tomorrow!" "You will be okay Kitty!" OMG just melted my heart. Then Jantz squeezed Charlie to hard, so I moved him into my bed.

I got up this morning, touched Charlie, noticed her ear was really cold. I thought it was just the fan. I went on to my bus route. Well...I got a text from Botos. Yes...THE TEXT!! Charlie has passed away in the middle of the night. But Cora did not know it, even when she woke up. Botos told Cora to leave her alone and let her sleep. Broken hearted was Botos'. So we didn't know what to tell her. While she got dressed, Botos disposed the cat. Cora then came to check on Charlie and Cora noticed she was gone, Botos said she went outside to pee. Our little story is that Botos has taken her to the Vet and we will pick her up tomorrow (Sat.) Just say she died during surgery.

I don't know folks, it has been hard for me all day today, Friday, from just not telling her the truth, but she is a kid and we had already had two run away or hit by cars. (Really, we have no clue what happened to them.) But this kitty is soooo different. Plus, as a kid we always buried our animals...don't worry there are 3, maybe 4 buried in the back yard ....hahaha.

Bottom line its so heart breaking when you lose a family pet!!! We are ALL grieving here... What would you do? How have you handled these situations in your household? Bottom line is that Cora cared for the kitty like a mother does a baby!!! She was so sweet with her all the time!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Weekend!

Friday night, the Bobcats were in action! BUT I must say I was very disappointed in the fans...HELLO WHERE WERE YOU! I couldn't believe at the empty seats...c'mon folks...your not quitters and we don't teach our athletes (who need to see the stands PACKED!) to give up. I am very proud of those that stayed through the whole game. Even though we did not win but for those Bobcats & Coaches to stand holding their finger as #1 to our school song, sure does mean a lot to see the support of the fans still supporting them through the END! Now come of folks, get out and support your Bobcats! Because one day, your little one will be a Bobcat or Lady Cat and you will be saying the same thing...& I don't even have one playing yet!! Its just my love to support these kids. They are kids!! They need encouragement, to be motivated, & supported.

Saturday, woke up and hit the town's city wide garage sale. Didn't find much except!!!! Jantz found a train!!! Thank the lord...this is two Saturday's in a row we have been out on the prowl for a train by garage saling. After that, we headed to watch Aaron play some mad Flag Football!!! I'm telling he is good at getting those flags!!! Its so fun to watch all those kids play on Sat. mornings. You know something? I know everyone of them!! LOL So its hard for me to root for just one kid...but to me to see their smile when they see me there. I feel honored. I love my JOB! That evening, Jantz & I went to Estelline to visit my Grandad who recently had an accident w/a calf dragging him. Jantz told him, "Grandad you stay in the truck!" hahahaha so cute. But he is well, slowly healing but good.

Sunday, cleaned house! Got all laundry sorted, sheets cleaned, house dusted, swept, & mopped. As well as, decorated my house for Halloween!! I talked myself out of it, didn't want to do it but then something got in me and said DO IT! So I climbed up in the attic and threw everything down, no one to hand it to, so I was hoping nothing would break on its way down or me! So again, I am outside, just got finished setting up my first monster and I hear all 4 kids coming around the corner screaming and holding on for dear life, riding behind Aaron on his 4-wheeler. Aaron stopped so sudden that all the kids heads went forwarded & at his amazement of the house being decorated so then he took off so fast that all of their heads went flying back and hands went to clinching the person in front of them tighter. (no one fell off) So of course, they wanted to help, so I let them decorate and when the excitement ran out after 5 minutes, they were gone playing & I went to redecorating.

Sunday ended good for me but not so good for Botos. I just sat down, wondering how I haven't heard from Botos. So I am thinking, he got him a deer and wants to surprise the kids. Then he walks in the door w/the saddest look ever! He went hunting in Estelline, but didn't do much hunting for deer BUT he was hunting for his PHONE!!! He supposedly turned his phone on silent, so he couldn't hear it! and the battery was going dead SO he couldn't see the light blinking! hahaha then comes in the daughter, Cora. She said, "Daddy, you lost your phone?" He said, 'yes, i looked every where. By the gates, my pants pocket, in the truck." Cora, "Sure in your truck, b/c it always falls between your seat and that thingy and falls under your seat." Botos looks at me and goes out to his truck and WALLA! HE found his phone, Where? under his seat, right where Cora had said!" Hunting was a success if you ask me.

Ending the day eating supper at my parents, STEW!!! So it was a fun filled weekend. Hope you all enjoyed yours!

Until next time... Mamabotos

Friday, September 24, 2010

Botos & his Tree Suit...

Okay so I come home and this is what I come home too! My husband hiding in the yard in his Tree-Leaf Suit. Below is his thought process to scare me. Please Enjoy!

Botos talking:
Well just got my true timber 3-d leafy suit today in the mail, I am fired up, so much so I had to try it out. I am expecting the wife home in a few minutes, I thought (not to my better judgement), that I would see how well it works. We have a red oak surrounded by a few shrubs close to the entrance of our house, so I slip on the suit and grab my Primos Buck Roar call and snuggle up among the bush. About 5 minutes later here comes the wifey right up the sidewalk, and to my amazement she doesn't even give me a glance, so I wanted to slow her down and give me a good broadside shot, right, I give her a big roar.. well lets just say if she was a doe, she was gone, with a whole lot of wheezing (cussing)... it was great.. I dang near peed myself. she didn't think so.. I was trying to make everything right and explain why I was so excited... she replied (crap you not).... guess you will spend the night outside to see if the "no-see-um mesh works) !! HA... love my wife... I need to start videoing my hunts around the house.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, 9/20/10

Today was a great Monday! I know some people dread Monday's but to me it was a great day. For one, it was open day of "Sunkissed Tanning Salon!" Pictures of the shop to come...At first I was nervous...why? I don't know, just was...first time to run a business and wanted to make sure I said everything right, had the right paper work out,....just a lot of little things. But what made the shop was help from kiddos coming by in the evenings to see what we were doing and if they could help. Botos I knows appreciate their help. Pus they, the kids, can say ' I did that!" "Man, look what we did!" A feel of accomplishment and contribution to the shop.

I do appreciate those that came by and checked out the store. Means a lot. My kids were excited as well. But Jantz! OMG...he was s o funny....when a couple of people went into tan, he got scared for them! He hadn't seen the beds on or anyone actually getting one... He started crying for them! He thought they were going to turn black...LOL...they are trying to turn colors but not black!! LOL But once they came out, he had seen that they were ok...he felt much better. I think my lil' man has a soft heart!! Awww Sweet!!! Cora on the other hand was my lil worker! She wants to clean the beds, organize papers, sweep the floors... too bad she doesn't want to do that at home!! hahahaha

A few little things still need to be done: In need of an OPEN sign (if anyone knows of one, will buy, it can be used!) A sign...w/my logo...had people offer to pain one....a few of those old metal patio chairs...

I have great ideas for these chairs...soooo if if anyone has any they would like GIVE AWAY or I will buy them for a cheap price!!! I see them in people's back yards but don't know if I should just go ask if they want to get rid of them or not....

Anywhoooo I hope everyone has a great week... The Tanning Salon is OPEN, just call 937-8111 or come by 142 N Main St.... right next to Garibaldi's....nothing like getting to eat and get your tan on in two convenient locations.

Until Next time Mamabotos...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Weekend!

No Friday night football game last Friday. So what did I do...worked on my shop! I am so excited about opening it up and showing it off. Its got a summer beach theme to it. New painted walls. New Floor. I do have to say my hubby & I did all of the work. Even though He did most of the little petty stuff...electric, flooring, putting in insulation (yuk!)

What will be happening in the store? Tanning of course-4 beds! Plus Brenda Jackson will be doing Massages; in the future a Spray Tanning Booth!!! Plus I am looking into getting my license to spray tan as well. Items sold inside will be swimsuites, summer dresses, cruise clothes, beach bags, flip-flops, summer hats & tops! All of these things will come after the new year.

Who will run it? My mother0-in-law Vicky will be working during the day from 9-5 then I will work from 5-10. In the near future I will be taking part timers in to help, especially during baseball season but not for now.

This building is huge!!! in the back it as a kitchen; room to put a TV w/couches for the kiddos; even going to have a play room; full bath; washer/dryer hook ups; and in the far back empty space...brick room is what I like to call it...fix it up for the kids or like Botos says a Poker Room.

I never ever thought of myself running a business, but this is just another Chapter in my life. I am super duper excited and I hope you get a chance to come by and check it out. Even if you don't tan, come by and feel like your at the beach! Cause if you truly know me...I could live on the beach! lol


Until next time...Mamabotos

Friday, September 17, 2010

Do Right!

This past week was a test of my patience but IT got to me. I normally don't act out or get upset but WOW this past week I made up for up for all year long. I kept asking myself if I was in the wrong? If so, How? I come to find out in every incident the bottom line was MISCOMMUNICATION!!! We are the adults here and we cant seem to to talk to each other. We are teach our kids to go that person and talk to them about it but there is that little fear of NO...not going to talk to them b/c then it will get all blown out of proportion. I don't understand some adults; trying to act better than what they are. Just be yourself!*** Here is one for ya: How about someone doesn't talk to you when certain people are around but when those certain people are NOT around they will talk to you or even say HI! Good Gravy People!!!!

Sorry this is short & sweet but had to vent. Looks like a lot of bloggers needed to vent!!! LOL.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Today is Homecoming! Good luck to all Queen Nominees and to the Bobcats. I remember my homecoming like it was yesterday. Things have changed! But we had two queen nominees... Homecoming (voted by student body & faculty) Football Queen (voted on by Football Players, crown was a glittered Helmet!!!) and no one girl could win Both... plus we had bonfires...

This picture shows how long the TRADITION of bonfires have been around!

Bonfires don't have to be huge, something small.

The joy of watching it burn and feeling the HEAT!!!

Some were huge!!!! I understand, there needs to be a minium to them but come on folks... if its in the UIL Rules what is going to happen to those that have a Bonfire? Have you heard of anyone getting punished yet for having a Bonfire? if its due to Location, find another location!!! ; )

It all goes back to TRADITION And Childress is losing the Tradition, parade love it! Add it to the bonfire...have the floats park around it...wait till its dark...not during a JH game & our FB teams are away. c'mon folks...get the community involved in it...

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former residents and alumni of an institution. It most commonly refers to a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in North America. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town.

Homecoming Court (we should have a King...!, that way the football players won't be standing there for nothing...hahaha)

The Homecoming Court is a representative group of students that, in a coeducational institution, consists of a King and Queen, and possibly Prince(s) and Princess(es). In a single-gender institution, the Homecoming Court will usually consist of only a King and Princes (for a male school) or a Queen and Princesses (for a female school), although some schools may choose to join with single-gender schools of the opposite gender to elect the Homecoming Court jointly.

Generally, the King and Queen are students completing their final years of study at their school (also called seniors), while the Princes and Princesses are underclassmen. In high school, 17- or 18-year-old students in their final year are represented by a King or Queen

Many Homecoming celebrations include a parade. Students often select the grand marshal based on his/her service and support to the school and/or community. The parade includes the school's marching band and different school organizations floats created by the classes and organizations and most of the sports get a chance to be in the parade. Every class prepares a float which corresponds with the Homecoming theme or related theme of school spirit as assign by school administrators. In addition, the Homecoming Court takes part in the parade, often riding together in one or more convertibles as part of the parade. The parade is often part of a series of activities scheduled for that specific day, which can also include a pep rally, bonfire, snake dance, and other activities for students and alumni.

Homecoming dance

The Homecoming Dance – usually the culminating event of the week (for high schools) – is a formal or informal event, either at the school or an off-campus location. The venue is decorated, and either a disc jockey or band is hired to play music. In many ways, it is a fall prom. Homecoming dances could be informal as well just like standard school dances. At high schools, the homecoming dances are sometimes held in the high school gymnasium.

I love Friday Wii 'Just Dance' in P.E. You see in P.E. on Friday's we have 20 mins and switch to music. Since we are in the process of getting a new gym floor. We have to make do in a classroom, outside, cafeteria & HS Gym. Outside gets old & hot, we can only go to the HS gym & Cafeteria 2 days out of the week soooo on Friday I brought up my Wii and put in 'Just Dance!' WOW... the kids love it!! but my neighbor M. Jones gets tired of the same music all day long.

So if you kids come home and say we danced today, they are saying Wii DANCE!!! Some kids get after it and hve a lot of fun..some need to practice...hahahha But I am impressed w/those that have coordination to follow the person on the screen and mimic the moves.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a weekend...

Friday night the Bobcats came out on top defeating the Wellington Skyrockets 31-30!! Last play w/no time left on the clock...Great Win!!!

On the way home, looking a head of me were taillights & behind were headlights!!!! What a great view to see going home after a great win. But then there was a horrible accident. An accident I witnessed in my rear view mirror. I busted a u turn and told Dad to call 911. After stopping & getting out to help; it hit me. I heard Cora's voice and I told the Jones' I need to go tend to my kids. Kimberly said 'Thank You" and please go. I guess hearing Cora's voice the shock of the wreck and adrenaline rush hit me....I was very very emotionally. I started crying historically & couldn't stop. It was so close to us, thoughts just went through my mind of a bunch of "What if's?" "It could of been us?" I knew everyone was ok; the help from people were amazing. I will be honest...I still have bad thoughts & flashbacks. It will take time but everyone is fine & will be.

On Saturday; I headed down to the Tanning salon and finished up painting the walls & trim. We are getting so close... I can't wait to open...'Sunkissed Tanning Salon" will be the name and tanning will be the or 'Have you been kissed by the Sun?" lol.

Week 1 of school is down! Cora has completed her first week & told us that she wasn't going back! hahaha She would rather go back to Mrs. Angie's & Carrol's. I don't think she is too fond of having to get up early and go to bed early. But on the other hand she has enjoyed school. She gets up very early with me to ride the bus while I do my route. I enjoy my bus route. I leave the bus barn around 6:30 & head to vest Ranch and on the way I listen to 'Focus on the Family' . Great stuff on there. But two out of the three days she has fallen asleep on the bus back into town while I pick up all the kiddos. When they get off the bus; she stays on to sleep! lol... After parking the bus, we head to mammy's house to pick up Aaron & have breakfast. Then off to school we go! It has been such a pleasure to have her little hand in mine walking down the hall. I do have to warn you she is not a morning person...hahaha.

Until next time...Mamabotos

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1/2 way through!

First week of school has been awesome! Cora Lee has started Kindergarten; Mrs. Churchill is her teacher or Chloe's Mom's to her. She has done really well getting up & going to school. But going to bed early hasn't set in yet. I do love being on a schedule! Schedule here it is:

5:45--Get out of bed

6:30 Leave bus barn to due bus route

7:30 Return to bus barn & go pick up Cora & Aaron.

8:00 School Starts

8:50-12:05 PE class every hour

12:10 Lunch

1:00-2:30 PE

2:45 PIck up Jantz to go to the bus barn

3:00 Leave Bus Barn for Bus route Again

4:30 Return to Bus barn head home.

6:00 Dinner is Served!!

I am not coaching as some of you may know; I miss it & being around the girls. But I have time to make it to their home games. The most important thing is that I am here for my kids. Seeing Cora at school is weird but I am getting used to it. Another thing I can't get into my schedule is laundry! I am doing better about keeping the house up & clean as well as laundry. My mom told be to do 2 loads a day. Today I have! Check for me... Now we are off to church. Get home and take baths and off to bed!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This week...

I have been busy, tired, busy, tired, busy & tired!!! LOL Ok, Football has started up, very excited for Friday Night Football! Go CATS!!! We are in a tough district, but nothing a little Bobcat Football can't handle...super excited for the guys, coaches, & the fans.

Another I'm excited about is this year The Football Stadium celebrates 70 yrs of football!!! That Stadium is 70 years old!!! How awesome is that..such an unique stadium, tradition, everything about it is sweet. I hope there is a BIG BIG HUGE celebration for the stadium as well as all the players that played in the 70's!!! Now that would be cool... We need to start bringing back all the almuni for all the team sports...honor teams & coaches. 70, 80, 90, 2000. Next year 71, 81, 91, 2001...or 70-79; 80-89; 90-99; 2000-2009. (or increments of 5 years) Not just for Baseball but for all sports. I know Volleyball was here before Girls Basketball; wouldn't that be awesome to see those folks now!! I remember in college, my 2nd year, the Flying Queens Celebrated 50 years of Flying Queen Basketball; so we invited all ex-Flying Queens!!! You should have seen all the ex-players walking in onto the gym floor, just wrapping around & around & around!!! Such an awesome feeling. That is something I will never forget and maybe we should start that here so that these kids now can experience that awesome feeling to know how important is to be a CHILDRESS BOBCAT & LADY CAT!!!

Ok, also something else I would like to share is:................ I am the proud new owner of "Sunkissed Tanning Salon!" It is downtown where the "Neon Sun" was. So if you were wondering and wanting to verify the rumors, yes we bought and right now we are repainting, new flooring, lots of TLC...but I am super excited! never been a business woman but I have big plans. What all will we have in the store is: Tanning, 2 hair stations, clothing for summer as well as Cruises!!! Cause you all know we go on cruises in the fall, not me but others do; soooo that is what we have been doing downtown. Will be open year round, late hours, 5 beds & a surprise bed ; ). Now you are wondering how am I going to do this & teach. Easy: My mother in law will work during school hours and I will work after school hours. Since I am not Coaching, I feel like I need something to fill up my spare time; but most of my time will be with my kids. Cora starts Kindergarten!! ohhhh yes we will have a kids room for you moms, so you can bring your kids while you take a power nap (tanning)!!! Big Ideas lets just pray it works!!!

Also, School starts next week... Cora is starting Kindergarten!!! Can't believe she is old enough to be going to school. So proud of her, her teacher will be Mrs Churchill...aka Chloe's mom. hahaha This year the Elementary is getting a new gym floor due to a major water leak over the summer. Good & BAd but excited for the new floor...praying for a new look!!!

Ok, that is what I have been up to? What have you been up to?

Until next time Mamabotos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Camping Trip of '10...sniff sniff

So, we decided to load up and head west...Caprock Canyon that is. I just want to say, wow! how I miss blogging. So much better than my opinion true friends will read your blog but then again if you share w/FB all your friends can read your blog!!! hahahaha That was dumb, sorry.

Back to camping, we loaded up or I did on Friday while Botos' had to paint the practice field, talk, work, talk, meet, talk, eat w/Nippert, talk and he finally made it home!!! Folks this is what we did on our camping trip. Wait one more thing...what spot is the best spot to camp at in your opinion? Ours is the one closest to the playground & the bath house (Botos' morning duty) STINKS!

Lot 15

Campsite before the Botos' took over...

Camp is SET...don't hate the party lights...; )

Cora in her Cheer Pose...under the Party Lights

Jantz telling us how to cook marshmellows

Silly Kids!

Looking for fish...

My little Waterdog!

Cactus looks like a snake...?
Water break in the shade!

Jantz showing us how tall he is getting.

Cora & I chillin' under the cliff.
Daddy is that the light at the end of the tunnel?

The Light at the end of the tunnel!!! Found it...
the light to AC!!!! Jantz is down w/that...

Thumbs UP from Cora

Glad these two love each other, they were both close to the edge!!! Despite the hot weather, long long miles walked on hiking trails, climbing up mountains, riding bikes, playing tag, the love & joy of these two kids were awesome! PLus there are too many pictures to put on here. Just a few were of a rattle snake & a mule deer that just happened to walk up behind the kids as they were swinging!!!

A shout out to Gary & Faith Self, whom we got to see at the same campground! Its always nice to see a familiar faces...

Until next time...Mamabotos

Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's Bowl, Let's Bowl...Let's Rock'n Roll!!!

So we had to go to Altus to pick up Botos' rent-a-car while his truck gets fixed. I told Botos, 'Let's take the kids bowling & eat there!" He said ok. It was a surprise for the kids, they have never been bowling other than playing bowling on the Wii! Here is what happens when the Botos' BOWL!! Enjoy...

Got our PIZZA!! So stinkin' good...

Botos helping Jantz get his ball.

Jantz getting ready to Bowl!!

Daddy & Jantz exchanging 'High-Fives!'

Botos looking on to see how he did, well none of us could see..GUTTER!

Cora Lee's turn!!!

Cora showing her good side!!!

Pizza is gone!!! Yum Yum Yum

Jantz playing Guitar Hero!!!

the winner is... Botos! But I was catching up...

Kids Rock'n Rolling on Guitar Hero

Father & Son battling it out.

Came into town, 2 beautiful Rainbows!!!
We did see a full Rainbow...the boys rode one car & the girls rode in one. When Cora & I saw the full rainbow. Cora yelled..."Where is the pot of GOLD!!!"

Until next time...Mamabotos.