Friday, October 15, 2010

Charlie & Cora

Today I am going to tell you about a Charlie & Cora. Charlie is Cora's little kitten that she found at her Mammy's beauty shop. Every since we brought Charlie home, Cora caters to this little kitten like a new born baby. She would sit with her to feed her, play, make her its own bed & would even walk this kitty. Yes, she would use the our Chinchilla's leash and strap it onto Charlie and walk all over the neighborhood. It was cute but funny!!!

Charlie just recently started exploring outside. She would never get too far but she would go out and then meow to let us know she wanted back in. Then we got Bevo, English Bulldog. He & Charlie had a rough meeting at first but the last two weeks they were best friends!!! So cute too.

The last couple of day, Charlie has been just lying around. We thought she was pregnant from being outside. We noticed she has been lying on top of the dish box, I guess the heat from the box. The other night I went to check on her, as I would pet her she seemed ok; then I would push on her side and she would jump & meow! So she was hurt. From what we have no clue. not been ran over, no sign of that. So then we thought maybe one of the kids had thrown her she landed fairly hard. Who knows!

So last night, we come in from Botos' game, which they won!!! Way to go CATS!!! We walk in the door Cora finds Charlie just laying around, so she picks her up, takes her to her bed and makes a pallet for her. Kids got baths and we are heading to bed, Cora decides that we need the heating pad for the kitty. I thought well, Charlie has been laying on the Dish Box, why not a heating pad. So I turned it on LOW...(no folks we did burn the cat up!) So I drag a twin mattress into our bedroom, Cora, Charlie, & Jantz lay on it. Charlie is between the sweet!! They were talking to her, "Its okay Charlie, we are going to take you the Dr. tomorrow!" "You will be okay Kitty!" OMG just melted my heart. Then Jantz squeezed Charlie to hard, so I moved him into my bed.

I got up this morning, touched Charlie, noticed her ear was really cold. I thought it was just the fan. I went on to my bus route. Well...I got a text from Botos. Yes...THE TEXT!! Charlie has passed away in the middle of the night. But Cora did not know it, even when she woke up. Botos told Cora to leave her alone and let her sleep. Broken hearted was Botos'. So we didn't know what to tell her. While she got dressed, Botos disposed the cat. Cora then came to check on Charlie and Cora noticed she was gone, Botos said she went outside to pee. Our little story is that Botos has taken her to the Vet and we will pick her up tomorrow (Sat.) Just say she died during surgery.

I don't know folks, it has been hard for me all day today, Friday, from just not telling her the truth, but she is a kid and we had already had two run away or hit by cars. (Really, we have no clue what happened to them.) But this kitty is soooo different. Plus, as a kid we always buried our animals...don't worry there are 3, maybe 4 buried in the back yard ....hahaha.

Bottom line its so heart breaking when you lose a family pet!!! We are ALL grieving here... What would you do? How have you handled these situations in your household? Bottom line is that Cora cared for the kitty like a mother does a baby!!! She was so sweet with her all the time!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos


Jenschke Family said...

Breaks your heart for you kids to witness death. Two times we have had to break it to Guthri about one of her sweet pets and both times we took it harder than she did. Pets complete your family so never understood why some people despise them and do not allow their children to have them.
You did the right thing not telling her at that time. She will be ok and you know it, but still breaks your heart. Hang in there mama....just gets worse. Ask your mama, she'll tell ya! (Saw your sweet daddy with Aaron last night and they were soooooo cute!) You have awesome parents and you are an awesome parent because of them!

Melissa said...

Until recently, I thought one of my childhood cats just died of old age. My mom finally told me..20-25 years after the fact..that she had taken our cat to the vet and put to sleep because he was ate up with cancer. I believe I was about Cora's age when it happened. She will be ok with the surgery story..and then 20 or 25 years from now, you will tell her the truth and she will be ok with that also. Babies need to stay babies as long as possible, and I am a strong believer in sheltering and protecting them as long as possible.

MamaBotos said...

Oh Ladies---we told her today! She cried & cried & cried!!! Her heart was sooo broken!! She was mad, upset, sad, all at the same time!! I haven't cried that hard in a long time but man! Today was tough!!! She is better now, after a prayer & we drew a picture of her.

Jraltaf said...

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Stephanie Harbin said...

Ciara's kitten was "lost" during that horrid hail storm. A week later she found it in the yard. It was awful!! We couldn't say the c word forever or she would get upset (cat). I buried it, but I thought she was going to dig it up. I had to threaten her to leave it alone. (It was very stinky also, having been dead a week...) Now she has a kitten/cat we got from a friend. She holds him all the time when she gets home and loves him so much. We went on vacation last summer and when we got home he was limping and hurt. He had broken his ankle and had to get a pin in it to fix it. Cost $389. But he is her precious baby!! I know she loves that stupid cat more than she loves me!! Now he limps all the time and needs the pin out, but I can't afford it til I get my income tax refund!!! Oh, the things we do for our kids....