Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water Dogs

Day 2 at the Pool and my kids are water dogs!!! But we have started our summer off great, no complaints other than probably from Botos' as to why the kitchen is dirty...hahaha. Okay, house cleaning in the morning & then off to the pool again tomorrow afternoon. I can't complain, I love the pool just as much as the kids do.

So the day started off w/Jantz hollering at me from the living room, to get him chocolate milk and to turn the T.V. on. My thought: U serious? I am dead asleep and my 3 year old is yelling for me at 8 in the morning for chocolate milk & turn the TV on? Just a like a Man...! So what do I do.... roll over and go back to sleep!!! for twenty more minutes. Of course, I am sleeping w/Cora in her bed. I bed hop in the middle of the night from my bed to hers...but that is getting old!!! She does a good job now of sleeping in her own bed, she has realized its getting to crowded.

After getting up & around the kids took off on their bikes over to Pappy's house. So while they were over there I did a few things out & about. Came back & all kids were ready to go swimming!!! So they all loaded up and we headed out.

About 20 mins later I received a call from my Dad that my Uncle Kenny is being rushed to Amarillo for possible surgery. He has experience 2 heart attacks w/out knowing it & as the day went on found out he had 95% blockage in one & 100% blockage in the one as well. He will meet w/a specialist tomorrow and possible surgery on Thursday. Please keep him & our family in your prayers.

So back to chillin' at the pool, I look up and could see someone trying to do a front flip off the diving board and when that someone came up from the water is was KENNEDY! That little toot just decided to try a flip!!! She came up smiling... when you see a child smile that makes your whole day worth it!!! Then there was Jantz & Aaron trying to do back dives off the wall; Cora Lee playing w/Lilly trying to do handstands in the pool. All the things me as a kid tried. Isn't crazy how the cycle of learning things.

We soon left the pool because everyone was just starving... so we came home and found Botos' snoozing on the couch. Busted!!! lol So I went into the kitchen and heated up some chili mac. those hoodlims ate every bit of it up!!! Besides Cora she had her bowl of cereal... crazy girl.

So the kiddos headed off out back. I could hear singing so I just stood in the laundry room and looked out the back door. There I saw all 4 of them singing and playing air instruments, guitar & drums. Cora was the director and the boys were following orders... Kennedy was just singing away...

Then came in Jantz & kennedy...they headed over back to Pappy's. Then went Aaron & Cora. Crazy kids. So then I head to Wal-Mart to get a birthday gift, toilet paper, & water plus pool snacks. The kids new drink they like is a bottle of water & then pouring in their own kool-aid flavor... not bad... 24 waters $2.48 & 3 boxes of kool-aid w/8 in it, each for $1.00. I thought it was a good buy but who knows.

Party @ 6: 30 for Maddie...swimming party!!! So of course all kiddos went swimming again...had a great time at the party. Lots of fun. After the party, we head to the baseball field to see how the game was going. Too our surprise there were 2 games. Little Man was tired!!! So we made it home and he grabbed his pillow and two seconds later I looked over & he was OUT!!! of course Cora was still wound up, so we played the Wii--Just Dance!!! until the batteries died on the sensor bar!!! urrrgh... so she crawled up on the couch where Jantz was...and she was out!!! lol.

So I sat down & thought about checking out my blog, wow... I have lost my touch w/my blog. So starting today June 1st, first day of the month, I plan to continue updating my blog as my Life Journal. Its not for entertainment but for me. I hope someday I can get this published into a book for the kids to go back and read. That would be really cool gift for someone to give me and for me to give my kids.

Until next time...Mamabotos