Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Psh... it Happens!

I got to thinking about the reason for this blog. It was for me to record daily events in my life. Cause after having kids, as a mom our brains don't work as well on how well we remember things. So instead of just special events or things we go and do I am going to do my very best to write daily whether it be a long or short story. I would like to thank those that do read my blog and you get a smile or a laugh out of it. I hear a comments from some very special people and you brighten my day when you mention that you read my blog. Thank You to all my Friends!

Here is the latest... hope u r Ready? Cause its Crappy...
I attended the CISD golf tournament yesterday and loved it! It was nice to get back out on the golf course and swing the club. Had a wonderful group and it was nice to relax and laugh. BUT I had to leave and attend Cora's pre-school Graduation from Tiny Texan Pre-school, Mrs. Carrol's. It was so sweet & short. Cora thinks she is coming to the BIG school next year, we shall see how well that goes over come September.

After the graduation, my kids went w/my parents to watch Aaron play t-ball. Well, I don't know how much watching the kids were doing, of course all they do is play. BUT... I get a phone call from my mom telling me Jantz pooped. I am thinking okay he pooped, he does do that daily, good for him. I get there and Mom said, "No he pooped on the grass over where they are playing!" OMG!!! What, r u kidding me? So then I hear people telling me, Casey your son! or thanks for the show or We saw your son's hiney. So I am shaking my head and I go over to get my kids and I look up and there goes Jantz running it in!!! CRAP... literally... who does that, my kid does apparently. Of course all the kids are laughing and Jantz thinks it is so funny running back and forth in it.... Holy Crap! So I pull him up and dragging him to the nearest water faucet, well none of the water faucet's aren't on, NO WATER! So the only solution is to take his stinky butt home and throw him in the tub. So we get in the car, all the windows rolled down, sunroof open. We make it home and he goes straight to the tub... this is gross folks. Its making me gag just writing about it... yuk!

Sooo.... we get him all cleaned up. I told him kids don't poop outside, he says, "momma I am a big kid, I can." hahaha And of course it wasn't just a little poop it was a massive pile (never heard of a boy/man taking a small poop, I think we all know its a good 20 minute ordeal).... I can just see all the other kids bending over and looking his butt going, oohhh what is that? OMG...

Everyone have a great day and stay away from the flies at the t-ball field! ; ).

Until next time...Mamabotos.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quartz Mt Camping Trip #2

It has been over a week and half since we visited Quartz Mountain for our 2nd camping trip.We spent 3 days & 2 nights, took along my nephew Aaron w/us who was experiencing his first camping trip. 

We arrived Friday afternoon, found our perfect spot, Live Oak #54.  We had a great view toward the playground where the kids could go and play. After we set up camp, we decided to drive around the campground. Of course we found the good ol' water slides that have been there FOREVER! So of course, I didn't bring any swimsuits for anyone...but we still went or Botos & the kids did.  

   Not tall enough yet!!! Darn it. 
   Aaron driving the bumper car, by himself. He did some damage to the other little boy, poor other boy. AND the other little boy gave Aaron a ticket to ride, I bet he was wishing he hadn't done that... hahah.

After water slides & bumper cars we decided to go play putt-putt. Of course Botos wanted to compete and I simply said Ok. Now if didn't know, but the last time he & I played golf was our first year of dating. He had asked me to go along w/him and some baseball buddies. Bottom line: I won, beat him = First Fight!!! So... we r playing a long and of course it comes down to the 18th hole, hole-n-one shot... I MADE IT!!! BAM... won a free game and beat Botos by 2 strokes. No fight though. 

Then it was off to the paddle boats. Didn't last long, went down the river long enough to find a couple of fishing spots to take the kids. And we paddled back, lasted about 10 minutes. 

Saturday morning started off w/it raining till 2. So in the mean time, Botos taught the kids "Slap Jack", hands were flying every where, I was rolling... laughing so hard.  

So then we decided to go visit the "Nature Center." Very cool place, had lots of things for the kids to do. One thing in particular was a puzzle center. At this puzzle center were pictures of animals on half of the puzzle piece and on the other was the animals poop. Yes poop. It was to help them know when they saw poop on a trail or in a campground they were able to tell what animal it was.  lol. After the rain it was off to hiking... I will let the pictures tell the story.