Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wow its been awhile. Halloween is over. Post pics of the kiddos & their costumes soon. Had a great time with Halloween this year. We took the kids to Wellington to their first haunted house. Cora did ok, but Jantz didn't.!! He doesn't care to go back to another for awhile. We had to tell him that it wasn't real blood, that it was Ketchup! Then he said ohhhhhhhhh its just Ketchup!!! lol funny kid. I will say it did take him a long time to go to sleep.

Cora has been having homework. NO... the teacher isn't sending homework, she just doesn't do it in class so she then has to do it at home. See, she sees Aaron having homework so she thinks she needs to have homework as well. Crazy girl! But I think we nipped it in the butt. I told her teacher & the Aid...well they put extra papers in her folder for homework. Let's just we spent about 45 minutes on those papers. Her words to me, 'Mom I don't like all this homework." hahaha

Botos on the other hand has gotten in to bow hunting. I must say he is a sharp shooter! He has managed to kill a 30 lb porcupine, 5 hogs, and a doe. I am thankful I haven't been target practice. When I know at times he wish I He is all into hunting now...never seen anything like it. He knows what the weather will be like, which direction the wind is blowing and how fast, sunset to sunrise. Oh...guess what I am getting for Christmas.... A bow!!! yaaahhooooo... He is also wrapping up Football season. I love to watch him on the sideline. He gets fired up and his actions show it.

Me on the other hand, has been busy. I just feel so rushed all the time. When I have 3 minutes, I feel guilty like I should be doing something or trying to think of what I have not done! I have slacked at home. on the weekends, I do my cleaning &laundry. but that isn't what I want to do on my weekends. I want to get the 'Man Room' finished, paint my walls in the house, re=do my bathroom. guess those things will be summer projects. I have even gotten so out of rhythm of even laying out the kids clothes the night before. What is wrong with me? All I think about is sleep!!! I guess I am ready for a holiday break!!!

Also the Tanning Business is going. We have two hair stations up & running. So now you can get your hair cut and tan!!! There is also a play room in the back for kids to play, watch TV while you do your thing.

Until next time...Mamabotos.

Up coming event: My hunting Date with Botos this Saturday! Stay tune for the outcome...