Thursday, June 10, 2010

SummerSummer Time

My first full week out of school and I haven't accomplished much other than sleeping in till 9 & going swimming for 3-4 hrs a day. Which hasn't been too bad. The kids are doing awesome at the pool. Bringing back some childhood memories.

Aaron has become the daredevil... what else is new right? He is getting so big!!! He will be turning 8 next month and will be a 2nd grader. He is all boy, which is great, because he & Jantz play well together.

Cora Lee is Cora Lee! She will let you know how to do things the right way OR show you! LOL... she is stinkin' funny. She has noticed that she has a tan line and does not like it. She does wants her skin to be all the same color, not white or brown! At the pool, she is learning to dive, no floaties, & learning to do different jumps off the diving board. She just learned the pencil drop where she can go and touch the bottom of the pool, as well as swimming between my legs.

Jatnz has thrown away the life jacket & the floaties as well!!! He has grown so much, gotten taller. He can now touch on the other side of the wall at the pool. He can also swim under water and dog paddle (really fast dog paddle.) Jantz can also swim between the legs and he can now pick up a penny up off the bottom of the pool. Oohhhh CANNON BALL is his favorite.

Kennedy, well she has also done away the floaties & life jacket and has become an excellent swimmer. But let me tell ya, this girl wants to learn on her own. She will not be forced or you can forget it. When she was beginning to swim off the side, she has a look of pure concentration! Those eyes focus, that face gets stern, and she gets the look of determination! Crazy girl!!! But she has become very independent as well as growing up.

I can't complain. I get to see my kids & nephew, niece play all day everyday BUT there is a time for a break from each other. As any mother or aunt or cousin knows that. We as grown ups need breaks from each other at work, family, & friends. But the great thing about taking breaks and the excitement of seeing each other again w/in 24 hours!!! LOL... I remember my child w/my brother & sisters and what is crazy is...I see it w/in my children & niece, nephew. Coming up w/the same games we did as children. At the pool: Marco Polo, Sharks & Minnas, Dunking each other and screaming a color and the person being dunked had to listen for the color and when raise say the correct color IF NOT you got dunked again!! At home, hide-n-go-seek, tag, riding bikes w/no training wheels, learning words to songs and singing them as loud as you can! Oh the summer nights of your child hood.

I am looking for more memories to make as the summer goes on. I am enjoying mine & hope you are enjoying yours.

Until next time... Mamabotos