Friday, November 11, 2011


What a special day this has been. Got up, did my bus route, came to school and while at school, I got to attend a wonderful Veteran's program!!! WOW... We had 50 Veterans in attendance. Each one got up to speak about what they were apart of and any grandchildren or family memebers were present got to come up and stand by them. Oh My gosh... sweet. Mr. Bird got up first to speak and it was awesome, I was crying! After each veteran, Mrs. Welborn led the whole student body into singing "God Bless America." Oh lord, so sweet to hear those little voices singing all together for those veterans. Again I cried cried cried cried cried cried!!! lol It makes you stop and think and be thankful! I love my job!

I am sad though that I did not invite my Grandad, Uncle Kenny, & Uncle Kyle. But I will share that they all three served along with my Grandad's seven Brothers. I love all those brothers... so neat to see them together and share stories. I guess it never matters how many friends you have but you will always have your family. I also have a cousin, Jon Hawkins, that is currently serving and is stationed over seas. God bless these guys and women who have ever served for our Country.

However, to finish this fine Friday will be unwritten... we will let you know how this day ends after we finish making memories of today.

Until next time...Mamabotos