Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a weekend...

Friday night the Bobcats came out on top defeating the Wellington Skyrockets 31-30!! Last play w/no time left on the clock...Great Win!!!

On the way home, looking a head of me were taillights & behind were headlights!!!! What a great view to see going home after a great win. But then there was a horrible accident. An accident I witnessed in my rear view mirror. I busted a u turn and told Dad to call 911. After stopping & getting out to help; it hit me. I heard Cora's voice and I told the Jones' I need to go tend to my kids. Kimberly said 'Thank You" and please go. I guess hearing Cora's voice the shock of the wreck and adrenaline rush hit me....I was very very emotionally. I started crying historically & couldn't stop. It was so close to us, thoughts just went through my mind of a bunch of "What if's?" "It could of been us?" I knew everyone was ok; the help from people were amazing. I will be honest...I still have bad thoughts & flashbacks. It will take time but everyone is fine & will be.

On Saturday; I headed down to the Tanning salon and finished up painting the walls & trim. We are getting so close... I can't wait to open...'Sunkissed Tanning Salon" will be the name and tanning will be the or 'Have you been kissed by the Sun?" lol.

Week 1 of school is down! Cora has completed her first week & told us that she wasn't going back! hahaha She would rather go back to Mrs. Angie's & Carrol's. I don't think she is too fond of having to get up early and go to bed early. But on the other hand she has enjoyed school. She gets up very early with me to ride the bus while I do my route. I enjoy my bus route. I leave the bus barn around 6:30 & head to vest Ranch and on the way I listen to 'Focus on the Family' . Great stuff on there. But two out of the three days she has fallen asleep on the bus back into town while I pick up all the kiddos. When they get off the bus; she stays on to sleep! lol... After parking the bus, we head to mammy's house to pick up Aaron & have breakfast. Then off to school we go! It has been such a pleasure to have her little hand in mine walking down the hall. I do have to warn you she is not a morning person...hahaha.

Until next time...Mamabotos