Friday, September 17, 2010

Do Right!

This past week was a test of my patience but IT got to me. I normally don't act out or get upset but WOW this past week I made up for up for all year long. I kept asking myself if I was in the wrong? If so, How? I come to find out in every incident the bottom line was MISCOMMUNICATION!!! We are the adults here and we cant seem to to talk to each other. We are teach our kids to go that person and talk to them about it but there is that little fear of NO...not going to talk to them b/c then it will get all blown out of proportion. I don't understand some adults; trying to act better than what they are. Just be yourself!*** Here is one for ya: How about someone doesn't talk to you when certain people are around but when those certain people are NOT around they will talk to you or even say HI! Good Gravy People!!!!

Sorry this is short & sweet but had to vent. Looks like a lot of bloggers needed to vent!!! LOL.