Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sand the floor Botos'son!!!

Okay folks, I get home from Austin & BAM off to work I go. I do need to share some work that the kiddos did, I remind you they are 3 & 4. The day we left, Thursday, the kids got stuck at the baseball field. Not working today just watching. The city came in and took off about ohhh 200 yds of dirt to level the field.

WOW is right!

Now about the Rock Field and the Kellogg's thing, we are supposed to hear something back through email w/in the next ten days. But since our email service is being changed it be may even longer. We did end up 30th but that does not mean we automatic win. during this last voting process, 1/2 the votes come from comments & voting the other 1/2 votes come from judges.. so if a field that did ont end up in the top 30's may still have a chance to be one of the top 30. There are 100 fields during this last voting process. I hope that clears some of the confusion up for some.

So the first day, the kids sat & watched the city dig dirt... all day... til 6:30. 2nd day, out trimming tree limbs, loading tree limbs, and dumping tree limps. Not small tree limbs either! 3rd day back at the field watering the field... till Lunch, Nanna came and rescued the kids. 4th day, the day I come home... the kids are up watering the field & on their way to Lubbock to watch Creede Breeding play in the All-Star game. Botos said the kids were hot & tired... bless their hearts!

Now what is taking place at our house is we have pulled up the carpet in two rooms & a hallway. The wood is in amazingly good shape... the hard part for us is getting up the glue from the padding and the right sander. I think once we get that going we will be in good shape. I did however speak w/an expert last night on the phone... ummm made sense but we r still stuck. lol!

I will let everyone know along w/the some pics on how it all turns out. Hope you all have a great week.

Until next time...Mamabotos.