Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Camping Trip of '10...sniff sniff

So, we decided to load up and head west...Caprock Canyon that is. I just want to say, wow! how I miss blogging. So much better than my opinion true friends will read your blog but then again if you share w/FB all your friends can read your blog!!! hahahaha That was dumb, sorry.

Back to camping, we loaded up or I did on Friday while Botos' had to paint the practice field, talk, work, talk, meet, talk, eat w/Nippert, talk and he finally made it home!!! Folks this is what we did on our camping trip. Wait one more thing...what spot is the best spot to camp at in your opinion? Ours is the one closest to the playground & the bath house (Botos' morning duty) STINKS!

Lot 15

Campsite before the Botos' took over...

Camp is SET...don't hate the party lights...; )

Cora in her Cheer Pose...under the Party Lights

Jantz telling us how to cook marshmellows

Silly Kids!

Looking for fish...

My little Waterdog!

Cactus looks like a snake...?
Water break in the shade!

Jantz showing us how tall he is getting.

Cora & I chillin' under the cliff.
Daddy is that the light at the end of the tunnel?

The Light at the end of the tunnel!!! Found it...
the light to AC!!!! Jantz is down w/that...

Thumbs UP from Cora

Glad these two love each other, they were both close to the edge!!! Despite the hot weather, long long miles walked on hiking trails, climbing up mountains, riding bikes, playing tag, the love & joy of these two kids were awesome! PLus there are too many pictures to put on here. Just a few were of a rattle snake & a mule deer that just happened to walk up behind the kids as they were swinging!!!

A shout out to Gary & Faith Self, whom we got to see at the same campground! Its always nice to see a familiar faces...

Until next time...Mamabotos